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Have a desire to possess or do (something); wish for.
  1. with infinitive 'we want to go to the beach'
  2. no object 'I'll give you a lift into town if you want'
  3. 'He wants the community to decide in a referendum at the September 2003 council elections.'
  4. 'Five years ago, when manager of a Hull nursing home, she decided she wanted a career in the hospitality industry.'
  5. 'Its members want action and their desire is motivated by an understanding of the facts about bigotry.'
  6. 'He takes a risk because he thinks he can get away with it because the facts may well turn out to support his editor's desire and he wants a quiet life and to be obliging.'
  7. 'But she became exasperated by the saga and decided she wanted her cash back.'
  8. 'This year, when a Eurocamp holiday was offered to me, we decided we wanted sunshine pretty well guaranteed.'
  9. 'It is now formulating its desires of where it wants its marine reserves to be, then the industry can have what is left.'
  10. 'She decides she wants hypnotherapy to find out why she causes so many accidents.'
  11. 'Feel the heat of desire, forget wanting a new car.'
  12. 'Pamela found herself not wanting the attention, wishing she was away from Dewhurst Manor long enough to collect her wits.'
  13. 'She was wanting me to call her and speak with her last night, after not having heard from her for months and months, but I just couldn't be bothered doing that.'
  14. 'The moderator was flagging me down because he wanted me to speak for a couple of minutes.'
  15. 'Henshaw wants his staff to speak to one another - an eccentric idea that surely cannot catch on.'
  16. 'He wants to speak to me tomorrow, or rather, as he put it, he wants me to speak to him.'
  17. 'I want every member who wants to speak to be able to have his or her say, and to be heard.'
  18. 'he is wanted by the police in connection with an arms theft'
  19. 'There are around 700 bail dodgers in Bolton who are wanted by police on outstanding warrants.'
  20. 'The police had wanted him to testify, but Mr. M. said that he did not want to get involved.'
  21. 'Yosic was wanted by Interpol for murders and drug dealing in the Netherlands and Germany.'
  22. 'Seven men have pleaded guilty to conspiracy to burglary, and another is wanted by police.'
  23. 'The crane driver fled the scene after the accident and is wanted for questioning.'
  24. 'So Kathy is reduced to tears of frustration as she waits to see whether Anna wants her as a sexual partner.'
  25. 'if anyone wants out, there's the door'
  26. 'For those wanting in on the action, the group will be having both fall and spring auditions.'
  27. 'Never thrusting himself upon the crowd, but quietly allowing people to find him, he had a confidence in his own ability to judge who and what he wants out of every situation.'
  28. 'Tabloids have reported that she didn't want children and that's why Brad wanted out.'
  29. 'You know, he wanted out of that quicker than these people got married on Fox wanted out of that marriage.'
  30. 'One youngster said the only thing he wanted out of school was himself.'
  31. 'I know what he wants from certain situations and what he wants out of a team.'
  32. 'So, for starters, we can place anyone who wants into an elite fighting unit, but does not meet the vision requirements, into a difficult training program.'
  33. 'Jonera just wants out of Haiti as soon as possible.'
  34. 'Clearly, this was a guy, with all the impending pressures, he wanted out of that marriage.'
  35. 'I smiled slightly, ‘The game is afoot: anyone wants out, now's the time to say it.’'
Should or need to do something.
  1. 'Clearly, Orr wants to believe that money and material advantage explain all.'
  2. 'I think that the reason that the story has been so tenacious is that we want to believe that it's true.'
  3. 'I want to believe that I am empowered with the ability to exercise my responsibilities.'
  4. 'The tourism board believes otherwise and wants to change this perception.'
  5. 'He also believes that Moscow wants to use the threat of unleashing ethnic conflict in the Crimea as an instrument to keep Ukraine in line.'
  6. 'Part of me is quite cynical but there's another part that wants to believe stuff like that.'
  7. 'I want to believe everything the marketing people tell me about whisky, and more besides.'
  8. 'It is up to each and every individual to make a choice about what he/she wants to believe in.'
  9. 'No one wants to believe a teacher could do this to children; every clue is misread or ignored.'
  10. 'Tell me why you think it's a fantastic place, because I really want to believe it is.'
  11. 'the wheel wants greasing'
Lack something desirable or essential.
  1. 'it wanted twenty minutes to midnight'


A lack or deficiency of something.
  1. 'for want of a better location we ate our picnic in the cemetery'
  2. 'The story goes that the handsome prince, in want of a wife, invited all the girls in the land to a ball.'
  3. 'I was never any good at anything in this department, though not for lack of interest or want of trying.'
  4. 'freedom from want'
A desire for something.
  1. 'So, my experience, wants and desires are way past quick and easy line drawings of charts.'
  2. 'You need to be true to yourself, and open about your wants and desires, while allowing him to do the same.'
  3. 'Take responsibility yourself, communicate your needs, wants and desires to your partner.'
  4. 'The temperament becomes more unilateral, unaffected by the wants and desires of others.'
  5. 'No test in the world was ever designed to take the place of your own wants and desires.'
  6. 'We are taught and indoctrinated into pursuing our own wants and desires, often at the expense of others.'
  7. 'To experience wants, desires, and preferences is a normal part of the human condition.'
  8. 'It is above and beyond ourselves, and as such it unites the world in the grand scheme of things, even as it is birthed in its own desires and needs and wants.'
  9. 'It is an objective expression of subjective judgments concerning human wants, now and in the future.'
  10. 'It is time for us to come together and communicate our common wants, needs, desires and goals.'

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1. to feel a need or a desire for; wish for: to want one's dinner; always wanting something new.

2. to wish, need, crave, demand, or desire (often followed by an infinitive): I want to see you. She wants to be notified.

3. to be without or be deficient in: to want judgment; to want knowledge.

4. to fall short by (a specified amount): The sum collected wants but a few dollars of the desired amount.

5. to require or need: The house wants painting. verb (u

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be wanted with syndicates."

"people can be wanted on nights."

"people can be wanted for bribes."

"people can be wanted at points."

"people can be wanted as infants."

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(want)Middle English: the noun from Old Norse vant, neuter of vanr ‘lacking’; the verb from Old Norse vanta ‘be lacking’. The original notion of ‘lack’ was early extended to ‘need’ and from this developed the sense ‘desire’.