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Paper that is pasted in vertical strips over the walls of a room to provide a decorative surface.
  1. count noun 'an exclusive range of fabrics and wallpapers'
  2. 'An expert will visit your home and plan a scheme based on the dimensions of the hallway and position of the living room, and any wallpapers, fabrics and furnishings you have planned.'
  3. 'We've stripped more wallpaper from the dining room, and started clearing everything out of it.'
  4. 'The twin bedroom is particularly charming and is now a children's room with nursery rhyme wallpaper and decorative features.'
  5. 'Collect samples of fabrics, wallpapers and paint colours that appeal to you and assemble them on your board.'
  6. 'Standard wallpapers consist of a front and backside made of paper.'
  7. 'Both textile and paper wallpapers should be installed by professionals.'
  8. 'Picking fabrics, wallpapers and colourful accessories are an economical and restrained way to experiment with using colour.'
  9. 'The Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture has an online search engine that lets you get at its fascinating collection of British wallpapers and textiles from the 1870s to the 1960s.'
  10. 'Bradbury's company has been long considered the standard setter in the tradition-steeped art of authentically designing and reproducing Victorian, neoclassical, and Arts and Crafts wallpapers.'
  11. 'This custom wallpaper is more expensive than some readymade wallpapers, but you can stretch your decorating budget - and give the one-of-a-kind look more prominence - by papering partial walls or a single wall.'
  12. 'Let's not confuse World music with bland wallpaper forcing listeners to entertain themselves.'
  13. 'Closer inspection reveals, however, that this is simply tepid wallpaper music that's been dressed up with a few modern beats.'
  14. 'Lyrically both yearn for something fresher and more substantial, although how that squares with making an album of sonic wallpaper is anyone's guess.'
  15. 'In terms of content, The Afternoon Show is the cheapest brand of wallpaper TV, beige embossed on beige.'
  16. 'However, other songs, like ‘Lily of the Sky’ and ‘Marigold,’ are just sonic wallpaper.'
  17. 'I always get my wallpapers and desktop icons from thereabouts.'
  18. 'I've created a set of 20 desktop wallpapers compiled from eight years of photos.'
  19. 'I am stunned into inaction by the brilliance of Darren's un-celebrity desktop wallpapers.'


Apply wallpaper to (a wall or room)
  1. 'he was planning to do some wallpapering this month'
  2. 'Last night I wallpapered the kitchen then went swimming at 9pm.'
  3. 'The walls were wallpapered in a warm red color, with a single oak bed angled next to a large window overlooking the fields below us.'
  4. 'My room was actually wallpapered with ‘National Geographic’ maps and my book shelves all had ‘National Geographic’ magazines.'
  5. 'If you are wallpapering a room that flows into another, make sure that the wallpapers in each room flow together.'
  6. 'It is peppy, but not too peppy, giving us a sense of their controlled lifestyle and tediousness - this is the couple who is spending their vacation refinished furniture and wallpapering the guest room.'
  7. 'The family bathroom has a mosaic tiled floor and is wallpapered.'
  8. 'He wallpapered the hallway leading to the gallery with blueprints bearing the repeated image of a moon rock.'
  9. 'The ceilings are painted an off-white color, and we have wallpapered boarders with flowers blooming on them.'
  10. 'Over the years, the walls have been painted and wallpapered, woodstoves have come and gone, and faces have aged and been replaced by new faces.'
  11. 'As they passed a sort of kitchen, suddenly the walls were wallpapered, and the next thing she knew her paws were sinking into thick shag carpeting.'

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1. paper, usually with printed decorative patterns in color, for pasting on and covering the walls or ceilings of rooms, hallways, etc.

2. any fabric, foil, vinyl material, etc., used as a wall or ceiling covering.

3. Computers. a design or picture in the background of the primary display screen of a graphical user interface: Personalize your tablet by changing the wallpaper. verb (used with object)

4. to put wallpaper on (a wall, ceiling, etc.) or to furnish (a room, house, etc.) wit

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"factories can be wallpaper."

"stores can be wallpaper."

"productions can be wallpaper."

"facilities can be wallpaper."

"collections can be wallpaper."

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