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A continuous vertical brick or stone structure that encloses or divides an area of land.
  1. 'I learnt to build walls, and I learnt why I should knock them down.'
  2. 'Two earth walls divide the cave into different classrooms.'
  3. 'The walls were built from stones taken from nearby hills.'
  4. 'The space in which the platform was located was divided into three areas by walls which cut across the raised platform.'
  5. 'During the kar sewa, the volunteers cleaned the window panes, the walls and the area around the pond, the defence spokesman added.'
  6. 'The structure has thick walls of snow and ice, reinforced with wooden arches, metal bands, chicken wire and refrigeration lines.'
  7. 'By the time I got to the drystone wall that divides the plot from the public footpath and the beck, the sobs had changed to screams of rage.'
  8. 'The attendant looked at the man, then at the phone book and shrugged before hurling it over the wall into the waste area.'
  9. 'The slow seep through the garden wall made the whole area under the grapes a muddy swamp.'
  10. 'It was surrounded by a garden, which was surrounded by a ten-foot-thick wall of stone.'
  11. 'opulent rooms with tapestries on the walls'
  12. 'Ayako didn't answer him back, but began to observe the surrounding buildings through the glass walls of the room.'
  13. 'The sloped ceiling left little standing room, and the walls were hot pink!'
  14. 'Birch branches leaning against a wall in the living room become sculpture, for example.'
  15. 'Adobe masonry is heavy work, so limiting the square footage of the adobe walls is important to building on a budget.'
  16. 'Liza stepped back from the lanky man leaning over her, banging into the brick wall of the building.'
  17. 'Being confronted with room after room of plasterboard walls was ‘quite daunting’, admits Vivien.'
  18. 'The seminar room was a bare room with plaster falling off the walls in a half-derelict building.'
  19. 'Make sure you can work the wood through the hole in the wall and that it can be pulled up against the back side of the wall by the string.'
  20. 'Station Officer Peter Ashworth said the fire spread inside the building's walls and damaged the brickwork and roof.'
  21. 'It is a handsome building with brick walls, grey slate slanting roof, and tall spire.'
  22. figurative 'flash floods sent a six-foot wall of water through the village'
  23. 'Describing the feeling of what it is like to scale a craggy wall with ease, Kirsty likened the experience to a Zen state.'
  24. 'At the strategic location of Pointe du Hoc, American Rangers scaled the cliff walls on D-Day.'
  25. 'And there is even much to learn about the city walls.'
A thing regarded as a protective or restrictive barrier.
  1. 'But to make a court case the police had to break down the walls of silence and tribal loyalty which have built up against them in Manningham over many years.'
  2. 'Only one man Robert Morris, 49, has been charged because detectives hit a wall of silence.'
  3. 'Detectives met a wall of silence despite being convinced that several local people knew who was responsible.'
  4. 'Met by a wall of silence, one soldier battered Ali to the floor with his rifle and tried to beat the information out of him.'
  5. 'They had been friends for many years and in all that time, Reagan had never seen Terrance let down the protective walls around him.'
  6. 'Without these protective walls, the going becomes significantly more delicate.'
  7. 'It all screams of a good place to go and watch inclement weather from within protective walls.'
  8. 'We eat lunch leaning on the high protective wall around Kincardine Church.'
  9. 'Their unwillingness to acknowledge the dangers of fundamentalist Islam is creating a wall of silence that needs to be overcome.'
  10. 'Police believe a wall of silence is protecting a knifeman who stabbed a teenager in the face during a seven-a-side football match.'
  11. 'he curled a free kick around the wall for a late equalizer'
  12. 'Henry curled the free kick around the wall and into the top right-hand corner of Kiely's goal.'
  13. 'It was a clear foul - like when players ease a defender out the way in the wall at a free-kick.'
The membranous outer layer or lining of an organ or cavity.
  1. 'There were several points of adhesion from the lung to the chest wall and to the mediastinal pleura.'
  2. 'The outer wall of the braincase becomes the alisphenoid and the dermal skull bones.'
  3. 'The musculature of the wall of the infundibulum is similar to that of the acetabulum.'
The rock enclosing a lode or seam.


      Enclose (an area) within walls, especially for protection or privacy.
      1. 'a walled garden'
      2. 'Outside the garden is walled to the front with a cobble lock drive and pathway to the front door.'
      3. 'They put these viewing platforms all over the place so that people can see into whatever area has been walled off.'
      4. 'At the end of that time the slaves of one Adolius, to whom the inheritance of the mountain had descended, removed the stones with which the cavern had been walled up, and the seven sleepers were permitted to awake.'
      5. 'Originally, an alcove on the east side enlarged the living space of H2, but later access to this area was walled up with stones and sod, thus reducing the living space to a single room.'
      6. 'the grey tenements walled in the space completely'
      7. 'If cable companies wall consumers up in a walled garden and just allow them to order a pizza, they won't get very far.'
      8. 'Next to that, the stereo is walled in by records and tapes.'
      9. 'Crime has spiraled so out of control that the government has entirely given up on certain neighborhoods and walled them in, content to let lawlessness reign there as long as it is contained and cannot spill over to Paris proper.'
      10. 'We put this in a corner, and walled a third side in with a small bench turned on its side.'
      11. 'This plus the fact the sheep pen is walled in on four sides by a solid board fence three and a half feet high on two sides and 15 feet on the other.'
      12. 'They didn't touch me, but formed a solid formation that would be impossible to break, walling me in with the rail of the bridge at my back.'

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      1. having walls (sometimes used in combination): a high-walled prison.

      2. enclosed or fortified with a wall: a walled village.

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      "cities can be walled since centuries."

      "cities can be walled."

      "gardens can be walled."

      "towns can be walled."

      "enclosures can be walled."

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      Old English, from Latin vallum ‘rampart’, from vallus ‘stake’.


      drive someone up the wall
      go to the wall
      go up the wall
      hit the wall
      off the wall
      walls have ears