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Material such as wallpaper or textured fabric used as a decorative covering for interior walls.
  1. 'Cut a strip of wallcovering to size for the center of the panel.'
  2. 'Textile wallcoverings are decorative and require care in cleaning.'
  3. 'Also on the way out, according to Mr Woodbridge, are the co-ordinating wallcoverings with a different top and bottom divided by a border.'
  4. 'Some wallcoverings are thin enough to be semi-transparent and thus allow dark images caused by patching, etc. on the wall to show through.'
  5. 'Minwax's water-based Latte stain on the banister and stairs complements other natural shades in the wallcoverings.'
  6. 'Some high end or specialty contract wallcoverings need special care for perfect installation.'
  7. 'These wallcoverings are more practical for rooms that get lots of use.'
  8. 'The dining room is panelled to chest height and has an intricate, golden fabric wallcovering above.'
  9. 'Country is still a big theme in decorating, but wallcovering has taken it into a variety of global directions.'
  10. 'You can use wallcoverings to create panels and borders to highlight pictures and mirrors.'

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1. a flexible sheet of sized paper, fabric, plastic, etc., usually laminated and printed with a repeat pattern, for pasting on a wall as decoration and protection.

More examples(as adjective)

"makers can be wallcovering."