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A tour or demonstration of an area or task.
  1. 'Here is the fingerprint we were attempting to match, and a brief walk-through on how we accomplished this goal.'
  2. 'Blogger is featured prominently, and there are detailed walk-throughs of setting up your own weblog.'
  3. 'A plan walk-through introduces the crisis team to the emergency response plan.'
  4. 'If you get stumped, the manual does give you a URL to a website with hints, and complete walk-throughs on the mysteries.'
  5. 'For a more detailed walk-through, including more screen captures and expanded examples, check out my web site in the Resources section.'
  6. 'Other than the installation walk-through, I have had no contact with Workstation Solutions' customer support, so I cannot tell you how good it really is.'
  7. '‘The exhibit is a walk-through of the entire second film,’ Ivey explains.'
  8. 'So I hope to interview Ed later this month, and get the walk-through on IBM's Workspace strategy and client technology.'
  9. 'Last week, when the media and the governor's staff assembled for an election-night-planning walk-through, the hotel's grand Crystal Ballroom was off-limits.'
  10. 'This version of the game has the most comprehensive planning mode yet seen that includes the option to have a full 3D walk-through of an assault team's path before committing to the op.'
  11. 'The museum's design was unveiled, via drawings, models and a virtual walk-through, in a recent New York display at the Onassis Cultural Center.'
  12. 'Animated walk-throughs like Iona's offer several other advantages, says architect James Beaudin, whose Bridgeport-based firm, Fletcher Thompson, completed the walk-through for the college.'
  13. 'But Robbins let his team and the fans down by missing meetings and walk-throughs prior to the game, and he should go down as one of the all-time goats in Super Bowl history.'
  14. 'First, there's no rehearsal, other than a walk-through of the action.'
  15. 'There are five players on the floor who might have been daydreaming during the walk-through.'
  16. 'It couldn't be that Keyshawn was slacking off in walk-throughs and workouts that left him ill-prepared to play when the ball was kicked, could it?'
  17. 'At the core of the change was moving the team's walk-through to the morning.'
  18. 'There are two basic types of reviews: walk-throughs and formal inspections.'
  19. 'Gates did announce the first Tablet PC SDK yesterday, and there's a walk-through of this available here, but the specific focus here for developers is on how you deal with pen and voice input.'
An undemanding task or role.


    (of a building or other structure) permitting access from either end.
    1. 'Adrian Fisher is the master of building large walk-through mazes.'
    2. 'The new, permanent Doctor Who exhibition will be 5,500 square feet in size and has been devised and created by Experience Design as an interactive, walk-through exhibition.'
    3. 'The attraction is a self guided 15 to 20 minute walk-through tour.'
    4. 'There was a small walk-through exhibit on the second floor that traced the process of making corn flakes, with real Corn Flakes going through the room.'
    5. 'An investigation usually begins with a walk-through survey of the entire site and structure.'
    6. 'Other highlights include a rattlesnake collection, an aviary, and a walk-through rain forest.'
    7. 'Other security items in high demand are bullet-proof vests, 9mm handguns that use rubber bullets and walk-through metal detectors.'
    8. 'City loft is the predominant style, with plenty of industrial features, softened by luxury fittings such as immensely comfortable beds with wonderful Egyptian-cotton sheets and huge walk-through showers and oversize baths.'
    9. 'Initially the plan was to build a walk-through aviary modelled on the one at the Singapore zoo.'
    10. 'The ProGator has a wide stance, giving it excellent stability, and a walk-through operator platform makes getting on and off the machine easy.'


    1. Theater, Television. a rehearsal in which physical action is combined with reading the lines of a play. a perfunctory performance of a script.

    2. Television, Movies. a rehearsal without cameras.

    3. a step-by-step demonstration of a procedure or process or a step-by-step explanation of it as a novice attempts it.

    4. a pedestrian passageway or arcade through the ground floor of a building connecting one street or building with another. adjective

    5. designed to be walked through b

    More examples(as adjective)

    "aquariums can be walkthrough."