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An easy victory.
  1. 'Small, splintered and cash-strapped opposition parties struggled against shifting electoral boundaries and costly election fees as the PAP enjoyed another walkover win last year.'
  2. 'Although I'm confident Ali would have defeated Louis, it would have been a close fight and not a walkover as some have suggested.'
  3. 'Every year there are professional teams getting knocked out of the Cup by amateur clubs and, while there are some walkover games, there are others that are very close.'
  4. 'His victory over Handley wasn't exactly a walkover; Handley's parents own a squash club in Oxfordshire so he knows his way around a squash court and moves with grace and economy.'
  5. 'We are giving the fans a genuine fight, and it is not going to be a walkover.'
  6. 'The Italians weren't walkovers, repelling a number of New Zealand's opportunities in the first 10 minutes and eventually crossing for a try 11 minutes after half-time.'
  7. 'Ferris concludes that ‘the Battle of Britain was a walkover, one of the most one-sided victories in military history’.'
  8. 'So why is everyone assuming it will be another walkover for Labour on May 5?'
  9. 'While decisive, the women's victory wasn't exactly a walkover.'
  10. 'Such internal turmoil might have resulted in the past from a damaging military defeat, but has never followed such a walkover victory.'

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1. Racing. a walking or trotting over the course by a contestant who is the only starter.

2. an unopposed or easy victory.

3. any task easily done.

4. Gymnastics. a vertical rotation of the body from a standing position, performed by leaning forward to a brief handstand and bringing the legs over and back down to the floor one at a time (front walkover) or by arching backward to a similar handstand and returning the feet to the floor (back walkover)

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"wins can be walkover."

"points can be walkover."

"victories can be walkover."

"placingses can be walkover."

"games can be walkover."

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