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A person who walks, especially for exercise or enjoyment.
  1. in combination 'a fell-walker'
  2. 'On Sunday June 1st a large crowd of walkers left Belmullet to walk 10 miles to the Lighthouse Tavern for Charity.'
  3. 'We have established that daily dog walking by a dog walker is great idea.'
  4. 'From the feedback all the walkers really enjoyed the walk.'
  5. 'He was a keen walker of long-distance trails in Britain and loved travelling.'
  6. 'Rivington Pike near Horwich is still blanketed with snow and has become a magnet for walkers, with cyclists and tobogganists also flocking to join in the fun.'
  7. 'Last summer holidays the keen walker and his mother walked an impressive 31 miles to Penistone in one day.'
  8. 'Board walks take walkers through bog and tussock up to a moraine ridge overlooking the Otira Valley.'
  9. 'In his younger days Mr Trickett was a keen walker and cyclist.'
  10. 'As a keen walker I enjoy not only long distance walks but also local walks around the footpaths of Keighley.'
  11. 'This walk is a grade B walk suitable for regular walkers.'
  1. 'Those who didn't use walkers walked alone at 58 weeks compared to the others at 61 weeks.'
  2. 'If resting is not possible, use of crutches, walkers or wheel chairs can be advised.'
  3. 'As she maneuvered her walker to the elevator, I provided a visual description of her tiny room, including the eyelet sheets that had been hung on her window.'
  4. 'The day of the meeting is not one of Nozuko's good days; she is so weakened by fever that walking down the hall to the meeting room with her walker exhausts her.'
  5. 'But he's already donated his walker to a medical facility near his Indiana home.'
  6. 'Striking scenery was also shot in Iceland, where Bond uses his crutches, walker, wheelchair, and walking stick to run away from Russian soldiers.'
  7. 'If your doctor suggests that you use a cane or a walker to help you walk, please use one.'

More definitions

1. an enclosing framework on casters or wheels for supporting a baby who is learning to walk.

2. a similar device, usually a waist-high four-legged framework of lightweight metal, for use by a weak or disabled person as a support while walking.

3. (usually initial capital letter) Informal. Walker hound.

4. a person or thing that walks or likes to walk: He's a great walker.

5. Theater Slang. an extra or supernumerary.

6. Slang. a musician required by a union contract to be hired an

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"companies can be walker."