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Move at a regular pace by lifting and setting down each foot in turn, never having both feet off the ground at once.
  1. 'she turned and walked a few paces'
  2. 'I continued to walk, my pace quickening once I was in a somewhat safer place.'
  3. 'Lauren looked around, but saw nothing, and kept going, walking at a faster pace.'
  4. 'As there are never any gaps in the traffic, you simply have to step out into the road and keep walking at a steady pace.'
  5. 'I got really excited and I started to walk at a faster pace to catch up with the procession.'
  6. 'It looked up at me and meowed again, and when I started walking, it kept pace with me.'
  7. 'Eve's footsteps were echoing off the dank walls as she walked forward a few paces.'
  8. 'Adaela flashed James a venomous smile and began walking at a faster pace.'
  9. 'I can even walk more than ten paces in three inch heels now, too!'
  10. 'That's perfect for me because I can walk at a good pace and he can drive like a madman.'
  11. 'With that I sneered and walked off, my pace quick with the heat of getting myself angry again.'
  12. 'Check with your doctor for permission to do light exercise, such as walking.'
  13. 'Even moderate exercise, such as walking, has real health benefits if you do it regularly all year round.'
  14. 'Exercise daily by walking and/or swimming until it no longer feels comfortable.'
  15. 'If you are busy doing lots of work, I suggest you exercise. Take time to walk or climb.'
  16. 'His workshop is an introduction to a healthy lifestyle of fun, walking and exercise and lasts for ninety minutes.'
  17. 'Aerobic exercises such as walking, swimming, and biking are also beneficial.'
  18. 'Obviously, caution should be exercised when walking on tinder dry moorlands.'
  19. 'Patients must be initiated into simple exercises such as walking.'
  20. 'You may need to avoid strenuous exercise for up to a month, but walking and gentle exercises are encouraged.'
  21. 'Doctors now advocate light physical exercises such as walking and sometimes, even swimming.'
  22. 'the police department has encouraged officers to walk the beat'
  23. 'Having walked the area one Sunday morning recently, he said that the bins were full to capacity.'
  24. 'The group have walked the route and informed Bradford Council of potential problems and repairs that need to be made to the footpath.'
  25. 'In part, because of that, I believe that officers walking the foot beat is a good thing.'
  26. 'We are reasonably experienced walkers, acceptably fit and have walked the route several times before.'
  27. 'The 21 women range from ten years old to over 60 and some will be walking the three-mile route.'
  28. 'Audiences access these soundscapes with headphones as they walk a predetermined route through the city.'
  29. 'During the course of the run they also made some friends, in a group of Spanish pilgrims who were walking the same route.'
  30. 'When you walk this route as I do, you see what you miss when you fly past in a car.'
  31. 'Orangemen said it was their right to walk their only route home.'
  32. 'One of our managers has also visited the area and walked the ground to assess all aspects of accessibility.'
  33. 'She walked straight into a business analyst position with a major consulting firm after graduating in economics and government.'
  34. 'he could walk on his hands carrying a plate on one foot'
  35. 'During the past week campers learnt the art of African and tassa drumming, how to walk on stilts and how to put together an atlas.'
  36. 'Juggling, walking on stilts and even dressing up as clowns were some of the activities on offer.'
  37. 'Marie also remembers him learning to ride a bike, them both walking on stilts and playing at the beach.'
  38. 'Here, Ramirez reined in his horse and they walked forward at a sedate trot.'
  39. 'In pre-railway racing, horses had to walk from one race to another, which sometimes took weeks.'
  40. 'She turned around again, and stroked her stallion's mane as he walked beside her.'
  41. 'he walked his horse towards her'
  42. 'He began to walk his horse towards me, pushing me into line with the other men.'
  43. 'You can walk your stallion right past a mare and have him pay no attention if you don't want him to.'
  44. 'In my childhood we lived near Berkhamsted and I walked and rode my pony in the woods at Ashridge.'
Guide, accompany, or escort (someone) on foot.
  1. figurative 'a meeting to walk parents through the complaint process'
  2. 'Alex Maxwell, Airdrie-born but now an accomplished local historian, walks me round the town.'
  3. 'The county council is urging all parents to start walking their children to school, even if it is just for the last half a mile to the school gate itself.'
  4. 'A digital audio player walks tourists through exhibit spaces such as Alcatraz, the Empire State Building, and the Tower of London.'
  5. 'She said there had been claims the mothers and fathers who walked their children up the road to school were bad parents.'
  6. 'Pretty soon he was escorting me to my classes and walking me home from school.'
  7. 'I just let my feet walk me towards home in the pattern of streets I'd already started to memorize.'
  8. 'Mrs Watson gets to her feet and walks us back to our homeroom, which is empty because everyone has gone to class.'
  9. 'Both the young artists were busy today walking visitors through their paintings and clarifying an occasional point or two.'
  10. 'The lights were on, so my parents were still up, and Ryan walked me to the front door.'
  11. 'A group of mums are using a secret weapon to encourage parents to walk their children to school - pester power.'
  12. 'Often the fact is that we have plenty of time for walking the dog in our neighbourhoods but we seldom spend the time to take a walk to be with our parents.'
  13. 'The co-ordinator will link the helpers with those in need of small favours such as taking their children to school or walking their dog.'
  14. 'However, a passing man walking his dogs offered to help us.'
  15. 'They are places to stroll in pleasant weather, walk dogs and ride horses.'
  16. 'It turns out that a year's worth of running for the bus, walking the dog or doing a weekly shopping burns more than 100,000 calories.'
  17. 'ON Sunday, April 4 I was walking my dog George along the canal when she collapsed and couldn't walk.'
  18. 'A man walking his dog discovered her body the next morning.'
  19. 'I have enjoyed riding horses and also walking my dogs on Baildon Moor for the past 40 years.'
  20. 'Kathleen chats, reads stories, and offers support such as walking dogs and gardening.'
  21. 'Out of sight there is a long, straight waterway along which he walks his dogs most days, and I was knocked off my feet with the list of birds and wildlife he's seen there.'
(of a thing) go missing or be stolen.
  1. 'But do you not find pens 'walk' around the office? I can never keep a pen on my desk, whereas one of my colleagues seems to 'breed' them.'
Abandon or suddenly withdraw from a job or commitment.
  1. 'When we arrived over 100 New Orleans P.D. officers had already walked off the job.'
  2. 'The country was likely to walk away from the deal.'
  3. '$500.00 bail (that means $50.00) and he walked!'
(of a batsman) leave the field without waiting to be given out by the umpire.
  1. 'Once given LBW by a close friend acting as umpire, Cameron refused to walk until the umpire admitted that he was not really out.'
  2. 'Increasingly, it seems, such restraint, like a batsman walking when he nicks it, has gone the way of the dodo.'
Reach first base automatically after not hitting at four balls pitched outside the strike zone.
  1. 'After walking Stanley, Barber was replaced by Miller who got Don Weft to hit a grounder up the middle.'
  2. 'Things got a bit tense when Gagne walked J.T. Snow on four pitches as well to load the bases.'
  3. 'A sacrifice bunt moved Reid to second, and then two more Warriors were walked to load the bases.'
  4. 'Jason Michaels flew out and Jimmy Rollins was intentionally walked to load the bases.'
(of a ghost) be visible; appear.
  1. 'Sixth Avenue also had its parade of refugees, some of them covered head to foot with white dust, strange walking ghosts among the living.'
  2. 'Maybe it's because of who my mother was, or maybe it's because of that ghost I've seen walking.'
  3. 'Oral Lee Brown proves that there are angels on earth - walking and living among us.'
Live or behave in a particular way.
  1. 'You live and walk together, but you may go separate ways - maintaining independence - in your cars.'
  2. 'I was not helped that I had been given an airport taxi driver who was a walking, living embodiment of the Pareto Principle.'
  3. 'Whether we like him or not, the man was born of flesh and blood, and he lived and he walked among us.'
  4. 'This is how we know we are in him: Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did.'
  5. 'He was walking around behaving as close to the Scott she actually knew as he ever let outsiders get.'


An act of travelling or an outing on foot.
  1. 'All are welcome to come along and enjoy a walk with good company.'
  2. 'Edward thoroughly enjoyed his walk in the country yesterday.'
  3. 'Ramblers of different levels meet every weekend to enjoy walks around the region including the Dales and the North Yorkshire Moors.'
  4. 'Back in April, my first walk in the foot and mouth outbreak was at Dalby Forest.'
  5. 'Cubbon Park, Lalbagh, and other local parks are the favourites of many Bangaloreans, where they enjoy brisk walks and jogs.'
  6. 'Although there was a small enough turn out the walk was thoroughly enjoyed by all participants.'
  7. 'This is a small price to pay for enjoying an invigorating walk along Addingham Moorside or up Beamsley Beacon.'
  8. 'The walk was greatly enjoyed and was a successful fundraiser for the school.'
  9. 'As well as the flowers, visitors can also enjoy guided walks, evening concerts, plays and themed festivals.'
  10. 'Boaters who attend will receive a brass plaque and everyone can enjoy organised walks along the old section of the canal, a display by morris men, a brass band and an exhibition.'
  11. 'the library is within five minutes' walk'
  12. 'From there, it was a five minute walk back to the station to catch the train back to York.'
  13. 'This seems a little strange since she was staying in The Savoy hotel, a mere five minute walk from the venue.'
  14. 'One's a five minute walk from the Jubilee platform and the other's four, which is pretty poor for such an important transport hub.'
  15. 'A half-hour walk along the rough track on the right of the lochan takes you to the base of the buttress.'
  16. 'It is deliberately hard to find, and reportedly involves an eight-mile walk from the nearest road.'
  17. 'A five minute walk across from the International terminal takes us to the circular base of this LA landmark.'
  18. 'What should have been a five minute walk took me half an hour.'
  19. 'This caused a bit of a commotion as the hospital grounds are quite large and it was a five minute walk to reach the main entrance.'
  20. 'The property is only a five minute walk from the local primary school.'
  21. 'A short distance walk on the street will be good enough for the old and the poor.'
A route recommended or marked out for recreational walking.
  1. 'Here one can enjoy walks such as the Everglade, the Apiary Walk and the Via Davidia, and there is also a large collection of specimen trees.'
  2. 'Howth has a number of restaurants as well as golf courses and scenic walks.'
  3. 'The area includes two recognised Sli Slainte routes and, crucially, most of the walks are off the main road.'
  4. 'For those who prefer gentler exercise there are networks of low level walks to be enjoyed.'
  5. 'There are way-marked walks with interpretation panels.'
  6. 'The route for this walk will take in the areas of Knockbarran with its wonderful vistas, and scenery.'
  7. 'Every now and then by accident I meet people who do my walks, and out on the bike the other day I bumped into a couple who recommended walks Wetherby way.'
  8. 'He said the route - outlined in a previously published circular walks leaflet - was around eight miles and could start and finish at Greenberfield Locks.'
  9. 'As is traditional the route for the walk was from Strand Village to Monagea community centre.'
  10. 'The visitor centre was shut, but all we needed was the information board recommending a range of walks.'
  11. 'the street lamps illuminated the riverside walk'
  12. 'He has them laid out on the asphalt walk where the pedestrian tunnel goes under the platforms.'
  13. 'The Belleek Forest Park with its attractive riverside walks is well on the way to being a major addition to Ballina's tourist attractions as a natural amenity.'
  14. 'Plans for a riverside walk in Tewkesbury have been given a year to make progress or the money will be spent elsewhere.'
  15. 'On Monday the town council planning committee raised no objection to the new parking area but called for a riverside walk to be provided.'
  16. 'I got upstairs to my apartment, glanced out the window at the sidewalk, and the walk was being shovelled.'
  17. 'Paramedics were called to the riverside walk following the incident at about 11 pm.'
  18. 'In the meantime, Spencer's workmen have been cracking on with their other task of refurbishing the riverside walks.'
  19. 'They had talked about a riverside walk as a Millennium project and it would be a great boost to the town.'
  20. 'The riverside walk is a beautiful amenity off the Dunmore Road that requires some remedial work.'
  21. 'Linger by canal sides, roam the riverside walks; explore the undersides of old iron bridges, the shadows thrown by motorway flyovers.'
  22. 'the first job is to sort the mail into routes or walks'
  23. 'New walks often resulted from a "revision" - a reorganisation of routes following, for example, the building of a significant number of new houses in an area.'
An unhurried rate of movement on foot.
  1. 'My running slowed to an unsteady walk until I found a wooden bench to sit on.'
  2. 'In your head you're running but you're probably doing a slow walk.'
  3. 'He slowed to a walk now, not worrying anymore, and he took a look around at the slight splendor of this.'
  4. 'Merissa slowed into a walk as she neared the older woman, coming to a gasping, wheezing stop in front of her.'
  5. 'I lowered my pack to the floor and gave her a weary smile as she slowed down to a walk, staring as she approached.'
  6. 'She slowed to a walk and slowly approached her friend, seating herself next to Mary.'
  7. 'Exhausted, he slowed to a walk, hastily knocking tree limbs out of his way and gasping for air.'
  8. 'As I ran past one of the gardens I slowed my pace, stumbling into a slow walk.'
  9. 'As I approached some old oak trees, I slowed to a walk, then stopped entirely.'
  10. 'He reached the construction site and he stopped his jog, slowing to a casual walk.'
  11. 'she reined her horse to a slow walk'
  12. 'We lapped the track a few times at a walk, trot and canter and the horse went through it pretty smoothly.'
  13. 'There was a walk and run race, a walk, trot and canter race and an event called musical mats.'
  14. 'In walk, trot and canter, movements such as riding in circles and changing the rein are performed.'
  15. 'We rode to the edge of the clearing to a road, and for nearly an hour went at a slow walk.'
  16. 'Lucian cantered into a walk and Jared dismounted to let the horse rest and drink from the stream.'
  17. 'Ace quickly slowed to a walk and turned around, picking up the trot again and she clicked a few times.'
  18. 'He flicked the reins and Alberta began to move, first at a slow walk, then at a spirited canter.'
  19. 'The sun had been up for just a few hours when Kayin slowed Star to a walk.'
  20. 'It definitely had looked like him, and the walk and the manner had seemed all but the same.'
  21. 'However it was her companion who caught his eye, with her slow and cautious manner, and easy walk.'
  22. 'We settled into a brisk walk as we exited through the front doors and entered the parking lot.'
  23. 'His walk was slow and methodical as he listened to the spattering of the rain.'
  24. 'Her walk slows, and I know she's planning on giving him all the coins in her pockets and wallet.'
A part of a forest under one keeper.
  1. 'In the mid 16th century a quarter of the walk was set with old oak and the rest with oak, thorn, maple, birch, hazel, withies, holly, and ash.'
A farm where a hound puppy is trained.
    An instance of reaching first base automatically after not hitting at four balls pitched outside the strike zone.
    1. 'Hitters need a good track record of success, with walk rates as a key indicator.'
    2. 'He worked eight innings and gave up five runs on nine hits while recording nine strikeouts and four walks.'
    A flock of snipe.
    1. 'They are solitary in habit; who, I wonder, has seen a "walk" of snipes?'

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    1. to advance or travel on foot at a moderate speed or pace; proceed by steps; move by advancing the feet alternately so that there is always one foot on the ground in bipedal locomotion and two or more feet on the ground in quadrupedal locomotion.

    2. to move about or travel on foot for exercise or pleasure: We can walk in the park after lunch.

    3. (of things) to move in a manner suggestive of walking, as through repeated vibrations or the effect of alternate expa

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