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A ridge on a textured woven fabric such as corduroy.
  1. 'wide-wale trousers'
  2. 'Liberty, a firm based in the United Kingdom, has begun printing on fine wale lightweight corduroy, noted Ed Harding, the firm's U.S. agent.'
A horizontal wooden strip fitted as strengthening to a boat's side.
    A horizontal band around a woven basket.
    1. 'A wale is an almost unnoticeable, but very important band of weave.'

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    1. a streak, stripe, or ridge produced on the skin by the stroke of a rod or whip; welt.

    2. the vertical rib in knit goods or a chain of loops running lengthwise in knit fabric (opposed to course).

    3. the texture or weave of a fabric.

    4. Nautical. any of certain strakes of thick outside planking on the sides of a wooden ship. gunwale.

    5. Also called breast timber, ranger, waling. Engineering, Building Trades. a horizontal timber or other support for reinforcing various upright member

    More examples(as adjective)

    "stars can be wale."

    "directors can be wale."


    (wale)Late Old English walu ‘stripe, weal’.