Adjective "wakeup" definition and examples

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An instance of a person waking up or being woken up.
  1. as modifier 'tables full of men sipping a wake-up Armagnac'
  2. 'Our body clock responds to an imitation sunrise by accelerating the wake-up processes.'
  3. 'John Downing asks if Fianna Fail have been sent a wake-up message by voters.'
  4. 'If you don't eat a wake-up meal, make some adjustments in your breakfast.'
  5. 'In addition to getting your room info, you can choose a wake-up time and even arrange for the hotel's airport shuttle service to pick you up at the airport.'
  6. 'Like a wake-up from amnesia, a life spread out before me.'
  7. 'I picked him up, gave him a wake-up cuddle, and plonked him down in front of his breakfast dish, still half-full with perfectly good food.'
  8. 'I think the camera should be up front, integrated with intelligence and trained on the driver so it could activate a wake-up alarm when it sensed ‘nod off.’'
  9. 'But Citroën is realistic about being the first with a wake-up device, and as it costs £300 extra, the company doesn't expect to sell many.'
  10. 'I made myself a strong wake-up coffee, and called them.'
  11. 'We were getting ready to go to bed about 8:00 at night because it was a 2:00 in the morning wake-up.'

More definitions

1. an act or instance of waking up.

2. an act or instance of being awakened: I asked the hotel desk for a wake-up at


3. a time of awaking or being awakened: I'll need a 5 o'clock wake-up to make the early plane.

4. flicker2 . adjective

5. serving to wake one from sleep: Leave a wake-up call at the front desk.

6. serving to arouse or alert: a wake-up call on the problems of pollution.

More examples(as adjective)

"calls can be wakeup."




be a wake-up