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A vehicle used for transporting goods or another specified purpose.
  1. 'a breakdown wagon'
  2. 'The twenty-eight attempted to return to their cars when suddenly they were surrounded by dozens of police cars and wagons.'
  3. 'Residents have complained about being awoken in the early hours by empty wagons rumbling through the town on their way to the quarries.'
  4. 'I would have liked to see each member of the committee drive a livestock wagon for six months before making a report that will affect us all.'
  5. 'Skipton Police have received three complaints of parked cars, delivery wagons and trailers, causing problems for pedestrians and other motorists.'
  6. 'This lane has a 7.5-ton restriction which is ignored by all and sundry, especially skip wagons and large vehicles.'
  7. 'It is a street in an expanding urban area which had been blighted by heavy wagons transporting materials and finished products for a large and noisy industrial operation.'
  8. 'She said that she had seen wagons and other vehicles mount the pavement as they took the bend, and come dangerously close to ‘clipping’ parents and their children.'
  9. 'By clever design, the same basic Sheppee body could be used as a charabanc to transport passengers or converted into a goods wagon.'
  10. 'Transport in closed wagons was only permitted on 22 November 1941, at which point there had been permanent frost for over three weeks.'
  11. 'A driver escaped injury when he jammed his articulated wagon under a low railway bridge in Keighley.'
  12. 'So he did as he was told and went to the hay barn where the wagon was kept.'
  13. 'Villagers had to use whatever transport was available, including pickup trucks and wagons pulled by tractors.'
  14. 'This allows added flexibility when hooking up wagons with heavy tongues.'
  15. 'Liquids are spread on fields with tank wagons or irrigation.'
  16. 'On a mixed conventional and organic farm, wagons can also be potential vectors for contamination.'
  17. 'Brent took one truck over to the next field, I took my car over, Steve followed with tractor and wagon.'
  18. 'Aboard the covered harvest wagons, out of the misty air, we wind our way past fields of broccoli, kale and parsley, and stop in the tomato patch.'
  19. 'Our regular bale mover would not lift high enough to load wagons.'
  20. 'The barn had a high central alley, tall enough for a threshing machine or a hay wagon.'
  21. 'After we had bailed the hay then we would get the long wagons and load the hay.'
  22. 'a milk wagon'
  23. 'The company would also construct a 2.5km rail loop at the rail head for loading wagons and servicing locomotives.'
  24. 'All railway wagons of the kind in the tragedy at Tebay have been removed from service by Network Rail pending its investigation.'
  25. 'Railtrack said today it would not be in a position until tomorrow to say when the East Coast line would re-open, with several wagons and carriages remaining on the crash site.'
  26. 'I travelled by foot, by hitch-hiking and by clambering onto the wagons of freight trains.'
  27. 'Transport officials said one of the rear wagons may have derailed first, pulling others off the line.'
  28. 'It appears that the deceased was employed shunting coal wagons, and at about the time stated he was in the neighbourhood of the Arley pit with an engine and wagon.'
  29. 'Fourteen wagons of timber left the track at Quintinshill, near Gretna, at 9.07 am.'
  30. 'The North Yorkshire Moors Railway provided a diesel locomotive and goods wagons to ferry water to the scene.'
  31. 'The railway has generally scoured Europe for suitable rolling stock and has also acquired some ballast wagons from Romania.'
  32. 'The remainder of his working life was spent at the carriage and wagon department at Swindon railway works.'
  33. 'Up the road a settler's wagon flanked by two horsemen rambled up the roadway; he narrowed his eyes and hitched up the horse to a fast trot.'
  34. 'The bureau was now responsible for the inspection of motorized vehicles, as well as horse-drawn wagons.'
  35. 'Turning up late for the summer-solstice party at Stonehenge in 2001, he found the only stragglers left were folksy types in horse-drawn wagons.'
  36. 'And when the Rocieros arrive with their horses, wagons and high-sprung carriages the image is complete.'
  37. 'Not only did the wagon have to carry food supplies and cooking utensils, it had to carry the cowboy bedrolls and other personal items.'
  38. 'He stopped speaking, and despite the sound of hooves and wagon wheels echoing in the tunnel, an odd sort of silence enveloped his listeners.'
  39. 'We got to ride the train and go on a horse-drawn wagon.'
  40. 'A cloud of dust rises into the air as horse-drawn wagons filled with farm families head into town.'
  41. 'At one point, they neared a horse and wagon that had a wheel wedged deep into the earth.'
  42. 'Eventually he saw them; the large wooden wagons covered with heavy canvas cloth and drawn by oxen.'
  43. 'Mobile food wagons rather than traditional catering facilities are the order of the day.'
  44. 'The fish and chip wagons outside the dome.'
  45. 'Sullivan stood staring at a colorful gypsy wagon lumbering down a side lane out of sight.'
  46. 'He then built a big top and circus wagons, which were all painted their trademark ‘Giffords red’.'
  47. 'But in our case, we must not only build a caravan of gypsy wagons with our own two hands - but make an entire sideshow carnival!'
  48. 'Many consumers just preferred the SUV image and fun over the minivan and increasingly didn't even explore wagons.'
  49. 'Why aren't more different types of cars - namely hatchbacks, wagons and microcars - more readily available in the U.S.?'
  50. 'My curiosity put me behind the wheel of an SE wagon which I chose over the sportier ZX3.'
  51. 'Are sports wagons an antidote to SUVs, or are they a niche unto themselves?'
  52. 'Exterior styling is a mix between a sports sedan and a luxury wagon, with the seating position of an SUV.'
  53. 'But he didn't answer, simply stumbled into the middle of the road, disrupting the monotonous traverse of the sedans and hatchbacks and wagons.'
  54. 'But to dismiss it as a squashed minivan or tall wagon does not do it justice.'
  55. 'If I'm not snowboarding in it, I'm driving my Suzuki wagon (complete with snow tyres) in it.'
  56. 'A major recent trend is the popularity of a host of new style occasional four-wheel-drive wagons.'
  57. 'Subaru's very good Outback was one of the pioneers, and there are several European all-wheel drive wagons (think Audi and Volvo) for the image conscious.'
An unpleasant or disliked woman.

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    1. any of various kinds of four-wheeled vehicles designed to be pulled or having its own motor and ranging from a child's toy to a commercial vehicle for the transport of heavy loads, delivery, etc.

    2. Informal. station wagon.

    3. a police van for transporting prisoners; patrol wagon: The fight broke up before the wagon arrived.

    4. (initial capital letter) Astronomy. Charles's Wain.

    5. British. a railway freight car or flatcar.

    6. a baby carriage.

    7. Archaic. a chariot. verb

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    "works can be wagon."


    Late 15th century: from Dutch wagen; related to wain.


    on (or off) the wagon