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A thin, light, crisp biscuit, especially one of a kind eaten with ice cream.
  1. 'Serve in small glass bowls with sweet biscuity wafers.'
  2. 'Family gather to share the oplatek, a thin white wafer sometimes called angel bread, followed by an odd number of meatless dishes.'
  3. 'Dessert is a few small sugar wafers in yet another cellophane package.'
  4. 'Crush wafers until very fine and cover the entire cake.'
  5. 'The combination of real milk chocolate, crisp wafer and soft chewy caramel is almost too intense.'
  6. 'To make the crust, combine wafer crumbs with butter and press into a 9-inch springform pan.'
  7. 'Stroopwafel, sometimes called caramel wafer or syrup cookie, is a sandwich of two extra-thin, hard and crisp wafers filled with caramel-y syrup.'
  8. 'Some posh wafers might be good here, or some homemade shortbread, baked really thin and crisp.'
  9. 'He recommended the banana cake and the icebox cake: layers of chocolate wafers and whipped cream pressed together and refrigerated.'
  10. 'Soon cakes and wafers were being passed around to the ‘uninvited guests’.'
A thin piece of something.
  1. 'Then we noticed that the clump of algae was actually a wondrous crab, no bigger than a thumbnail, whose body shape had evolved to mimic the green wafers of algae.'
  2. 'Angle the blade against the stone then push the blade lightly along as if you were trying to slice off a paper-thin wafer of stone.'
  3. 'Those who enjoy Chinese style roast duckling with finely sliced wafers of ginger were catered for, as were those who wanted some Thai style noodle soup, and some regional curries.'
  4. 'DNA chips are elegantly simple in concept: thin wafers of glass or plastic embedded with strips of DNA.'
  5. 'Harry relished every last drop, going so far as to lick up the wafers of sliced macaroni and eating them with every sign of enjoyment.'
  6. 'On a recent visit to Bid, I began my meal with two nodules of creamy foie gras, folded in green cabbage with razor-thin wafers of black truffle.'
  7. 'The Irish croissant tastes like bad communion wafers.'
  8. 'Faith, holding her chalice and Eucharistic wafer, stands to the right of Charity, while Hope, with her back turned to the viewer, looks to Charity from her left.'
  9. 'I remembered how, as the wafer dissolved in my mouth, I had felt myself ‘officially’ a member of the Church.'
  10. 'Mary was at the front, and she opened her mouth for the Priest to place the small wafer of bread on her tongue, the body.'
  11. 'In Spain, the dance is done to reverence the Blessed Sacrament, a consecrated wafer used in Communion.'
  12. 'Therefore, we can have thousands of devices on a single wafer.'
  13. 'Most chip manufacturers use laser fuses that are activated during the testing portion of the manufacturing process before the individual chips are cut from that wafer.'
  14. 'The company's costs have risen dramatically thanks to its investment in 300 mm wafer fabs.'
  15. 'Government officials admitted that plans for eight-inch wafer foundry investments in China still pose many problems.'
  16. 'The wafer fabrication plant apparently did not meet either criterion, despite IDA claims to the contrary.'
  17. 'A carrier is then bonded to an upper surface of the integrated circuit, whereafter a lower portion of the wafer substrate is removed in a grinding and etching operation.'
  18. 'The present invention is directed to an apparatus and process for heating and cooling semiconductor wafers in thermal processing chambers.'
  19. 'Additionally, the semiconductor wafer is subjected to a flow of ions from an ionization source within the tracking device itself.'
  20. 'Brightfield inspection is used by chipmakers to find the most critical defects during wafer manufacturing.'
  21. 'Microelectronics manufacturers create hundreds to thousands of chips simultaneously on large, thin wafers of silicon.'
  22. 'A gold ribbon and wafer seal with the impression of the U.S. Department of State seal is affixed to this certificate.'


Fasten or seal (a letter or document) with a wafer.

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    1. a thin, crisp cake or biscuit, often sweetened and flavored.

    2. a thin disk of unleavened bread, used in the Eucharist, as in the Roman Catholic Church.

    3. a thin disk of dried paste, gelatin, adhesive paper, or the like, used for sealing letters, attaching papers, etc.

    4. Medicine/Medical. a thin sheet of dry paste or the like, used to enclose a powder to be swallowed.

    5. any small, thin disk, as a washer or piece of insulation.

    6. Electronics. a thin slice of semiconductor used a

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    "combinations can be wafer."


    Late Middle English: from an Anglo-Norman French variant of Old French gaufre (see goffer), from Middle Low German wāfel ‘waffle’; compare with waffle.