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Walk with short steps and a clumsy swaying motion.
  1. 'He sneers at her approach and waddles forward to block her passage.'
  2. 'So I presume the airline will set a weight ceiling and make everyone who waddles up to the check-in counter step on a scale - probably the baggage scale.'
  3. 'I can't remember the last time I was in a zoo; I vaguely recall penguins waddling past me when I was not much taller than they were.'
  4. 'Now that the main character has a fat belly and can't do anything except waddle around buying baby clothes, the show is guaranteed to be non-stop action and drama.'
  5. 'On a recent day, the squawking penguins were busily finding partners, preparing nests and waddling about the mating grounds.'
  6. 'She was nearly as wide as she was tall, and waddled like a duck when she walked.'
  7. 'The toddler waddles freely into a neighbourhood yard.'
  8. 'As customers mill about, James waddles up the store's main aisle in search of a white dress shirt for his wedding this Saturday.'
  9. 'Laughing, he opened the door and lumbered up to her, the shorter man waddling behind him.'
  10. 'By half seven we were out of the door, heading for the bus stop, Lauren waddling in her short denim skirt and knee-length boots.'


A waddling gait.
  1. 'Walking is starting to have a slight waddle quality to it.'
  2. 'Children may walk with toes pointed in or walk with a waddle.'
  3. 'How come the fashion industry is still peddling the image of six-footer, stick-insect girl models with that funny cross-over catwalk waddle?'
  4. 'Perhaps Krishnan senior's ponderous waddle on the court could be excused.'
  5. 'This initially affects the muscles of the buttocks and legs, and causes a characteristic waddle when walking.'
  6. 'Zack was fascinated with the baby geese, laughing at their ungainly waddle, watching them as they foraged through the grass.'
  7. 'All the idiosyncrasies for which he was known within his homeland, the hesitant mannerisms and trademark waddle, do not look quite so loveable in the world at large.'
  8. 'With a series of ungainly steps, clumsy lunges, and eventually a kind of painful waddle, he made his way to the phone.'
  9. 'Without tipping at the shoulders, concentrate on shifting your weight from one skate to the other between each waddle.'
  10. 'After a moment, the turtle creeps out of its shell and resumes its waddle across the highway.'

More definitions

1. to walk with short steps, swaying or rocking from side to side, as a duck.

2. to move in any similar, slow, rocking manner; wobble: The ship waddled into port. noun

3. an act or instance of waddling, especially a waddling gait.

More examples(as adjective)

"lands can be waddling."


(waddle)Late 16th century: perhaps a frequentative of wade.