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Funny or amusing in a slightly odd or peculiar way.
  1. 'Those wacky creative types at the ad agency will believe it ‘hits all the right buttons’.'
  2. 'After 170 years of wacky inventions and strange new models, it seems we may finally be at the end of the road for the electric car.'
  3. 'The room itself takes on the artist's intentions, being transformed into a slightly wacky domestic parlour.'
  4. 'The cast of whacky eccentrics and their unbelievable behaviour grates; it doesn't come across as in any way real.'
  5. 'The Renaissance repertoire ranges from the whacky to the sublime, and it's possible that we gave some pieces their first Scottish performances in hundreds of years.'
  6. 'Thousands of people up and down the country are doing weird and wacky things today to raise money for Comic Relief.'
  7. 'Sure she came across as a bit wacky, and a bit all over the place at times.'
  8. 'I have read some whacky things in my time but the latest report of the Electoral Reform Society takes some beating.'
  9. 'Youngsters in Malmesbury and Sherston recycled old clothes to make weird and wacky costumes for a fashion show last Thursday.'
  10. 'People completed the course dressed in all kinds of weird and wacky outfits this year.'


1. odd or irrational; crazy: They had some wacky plan for selling more books.

More examples(as adjective)

"guests can be wackier."


(wacky)Mid 19th century (originally dialect): from the noun whack + -y.