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Make less refined.
  1. 'Such hateful speech vulgarizes our culture and goes against everything the University of St. Thomas stands for.'
  2. 'Yet to add words to it to direct the viewer, as some people did, vulgarized it.'
  3. 'Perhaps Spoilheap readers might like to suggest advertisers to vulgarise the monuments of our own fair land?'
  4. 'Hip-hop's black essentialism and ‘keepin’ it real’ proclamations are vulgarized, even mocked by Lee's humorous and satirical photographs.'
  5. 'The glory of the samurai sword, vulgarised to the point of farce in Tarantino's Kill Bill, is treated with respect, even awe.'
  6. 'It's far from a single-issue film, and never romanticizes, vulgarizes or trivializes Josie's coming of age.'
  7. 'A deal was made, and On the Buses was brought to the screen by Hammer in a film that, instead of attempting to broaden and strengthen its TV source, merely inflated and further vulgarized it.'
  8. 'I like sexy clothes of course but they should not be vulgarised.'
  9. 'Thus, the overall impression of the exhibition is one of, first, the European tradition of Orientalist painting taken up by American artists, then vulgarized in a broader and somehow more innocent American culture.'
  10. 'It wasn't especially avant-garde, per se, but it demonstrated her ability to take a simple design and make it all the more special without vulgarizing the base design vision.'
  11. 'There are those who condemn it as mob rule that vulgarises society and as a belief that tolerates mediocrity and incompetence.'
  12. 'Their ideas, vulgarized, tended to inspire and reinforce that obsession with the occult and the mystical which became noticeable in St Petersburg society.'
  13. 'This expansion was justified by pseudoscientific argument, grounded in a vulgarized version of Darwin, the ‘survival of the fittest.’'
  14. 'It looks like Larry is using this simplified and vulgarized version of economics as his basic backdrop, upon which, by throwing in some references from original sources here and there, he builds up his argument.'
  15. 'The style is at least a century old and has deep folkloric roots, but it is the late, vulgarized form that is at issue.'
  16. 'We allowed our colleges and universities to be secularized, and our beautiful liturgy to be vulgarized to the point where it often seems like an especially vulgar karaoke night.'
  17. 'We're more worried about the gross abuses and gross exaggerations of these ideas which originated in philosophy of science but which have trickled down in vulgarised form to anthropology and cultural studies.'

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1. to make vulgar or coarse; lower; debase: to vulgarize standards of behavior.

2. to make (a technical or abstruse work) easier to understand and more widely known; popularize.

3. to translate (a work) from a classical language into the vernacular.

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"versions can be vulgarized."