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A person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task.
  1. 'We have been flooded with volunteers offering to help do whatever it takes to keep bus services running.'
  2. 'It was a major task for all volunteers and all concerned and everyone can feel proud now the event has passed into history.'
  3. 'Most of the work restoring the canals has been undertaken by volunteers.'
  4. 'There has been no shortage of volunteers willing to move homes at RAAF Base Tindal lately.'
  5. 'The researchers asked 29 healthy male volunteers aged between 21 and 35 to take part in an experiment.'
  6. 'Last weekend volunteers undertook the painstaking task of cutting the grass around the base of each stone with scissors, in preparation for the restoration work.'
  7. 'I need a volunteer to act as a subject in a photography experiment that I'm planning.'
  8. 'The volunteers were prepared to offer advice to local farmers and landowners on tree planting schemes as well as local schools.'
  9. 'Around 1,000 students act as volunteers in the local community, working in schools, sports clubs and community groups.'
  10. 'It takes the help of many volunteers to make this event possible and we are in need of volunteers for all tasks.'
  11. 'A former congressional staffer stands by to emphasize the vital difference between an army of volunteers and an armed militia.'
  12. 'The soldiers are a mix of those who served in the old army and new volunteers.'
  13. 'In addition, the mobilization of the nation's reserve forces only include retired conscripts rather than retired volunteers.'
  14. 'In an all-volunteer army buttressed by a volunteer reserve, soldiers don't fight simply for abstractions.'
  15. 'This explains the seeming paradox of why we have a lower acceptance of combat casualties with a volunteer military than we had with a draft Army.'
  16. 'Australia has a volunteer army reserve but no national service requirement.'
  17. 'Magistrates and constables did what they could to contain and disperse disorderly crowds, but troops were often called in: regular army soldiers, militiamen or volunteer forces.'
  18. 'The success of any campaign to induce volunteers or force conscripts into an army will be decided, to a large extent, by circumstances.'
  19. 'Present and past Army volunteers with veteran military vehicles will also be in the parade, which will start at 11 am.'
  20. 'Additionally, a large number of volunteers and inactive Army Reserve soldiers have stepped forward and offered to serve.'
  21. 'If you let the flowers go to seed, you will have volunteer plants next spring.'
  22. 'The planting of cover crops or allowing volunteer plants to grow is becoming more common.'
  23. 'It is possible to transplant any small volunteers by digging them up when they're quite small.'
A person who works for an organization without being paid.
  1. 'The group is comprised of both volunteers and paid staff.'
  2. 'Started in 1997, the organization is staffed solely by volunteers.'
  3. 'The Scottish Ambulance Service will train unpaid volunteers in rural Scotland in emergency medical techniques.'
  4. 'Besides Hammond, there are three project assistants and many dedicated volunteers.'
  5. 'What started out as bar talk ended up becoming an organization with 4,000 volunteers.'
  6. 'Maybe it should take a lesson from the clubs and groups on campus that don't need to collect all this money from students, operate with only volunteers and ask speakers to volunteer as well.'
  7. 'Last year the eight paid staff and 18 volunteers handled more than 50,000 inquiries.'
  8. 'So far the organization's 155 trained volunteers have saved 600 of the city's animals.'
  9. 'We are an organization of civilian volunteers and cannot get relief aid into any location until the local authorities say it is safe and provide us with security and access.'
  10. 'The club is run by volunteers who donate their time and their money to look out for these gentle animals.'
  11. 'It similarly binds Mr. Murphy's children who are volunteers.'
  12. 'Does a religious objection to duty amount to a belief, and does an unwillingness by a volunteer to respond to recall amount to a manifestation of that belief?'


Freely offer to do something.
  1. with infinitive 'I rashly volunteered to be a contestant'
  2. 'Now he will take jobs only within a 50-mile radius of his Atlanta headquarters - unless employees volunteer to staff a more distant site.'
  3. 'Some employees volunteered to sleep on office and shop house floors in order to be available for work the next day.'
  4. 'The father volunteered for redundancy and later he and his sons decided that the company should cease trading.'
  5. 'Then, in September 2000, a team of fed-up employees volunteered to find a fix.'
  6. 'The future of about 60 people who'd volunteered to take redundancy hung in the balance.'
  7. 'Some employees have volunteered to help in areas across the airport - from office-based computer staff to the duty manager of a terminal.'
  8. 'They were employees who volunteered to work overnight and at weekends handling emergencies.'
  9. 'He said that he had volunteered to do these jobs as he wished to learn everything associated with films.'
  10. 'Last week I gave her credit for actually volunteering to take this job.'
  11. 'Three employees volunteered to stay behind, and they worked long hours.'
  12. 'Many thanks also to all who volunteered help during the year both in fundraising and other areas.'
  13. 'Work is being co-ordinated by a professional charity fund-raising manager, who has kindly volunteered his services.'
  14. 'But other southern states volunteering help, like Arkansas and Alabama, are not much better-off than their neighbours.'
  15. 'Other messages were from good samaritans eager to volunteer aid.'
  16. 'Many local opticians and dentists volunteered their services to help the children.'
  17. 'Others blame the neighbors who failed to volunteer their help in raising and home-schooling five small children.'
  18. 'If you are a carpenter in the Sacred Heart Parish and can volunteer your time freely please call into the centre any Tuesday night from 7.30 pm- 9pm.'
  19. 'When I am back ‘up to speed’ I will certainly be the first to volunteer my help, to get this project off the ground.'
  20. 'To earn a bronze star youngsters have to volunteer their services to help the community.'
  21. 'Today, the committee has 30 drivers who volunteer their help for the meals-on-wheels service.'
  22. with object 'it never paid to volunteer information'
  23. 'What about the problem of silence in order to allow the accused to volunteer information, which is a very common technique of interrogation?'
  24. 'You just can't imagine volunteering the information that would kill your friends.'
  25. 'It was only after much persuasion after the conference that she volunteered some information.'
  26. 'In each of the sections space was incorporated to allow to participants to volunteer additional information.'
  27. 'His friends volunteered the information that he likes holidays and wants to be a rally driver.'
  28. 'Fortunately, the conversation moved on, and I avoided volunteering any information on the subject.'
  29. 'It has been gratifying to observe staff volunteering information on incidents involving medical devices, rather than simply trying to hide the event.'
  30. 'He pressed on, but his mother wasn't volunteering any information, that much was evident.'
  31. 'Today detectives were shifting through information volunteered from the public following a witness appeal.'
  32. 'Near the end of the session, Anna disturbed me by volunteering information about her new relationship with Martin.'
  33. 'he was volunteered for parachute training by friends'
  34. 'But dad volunteered me because they needed another kid to take part.'
  35. 'Pete was volunteered to do the rigging, and was soon edging his way out on the rather vague ledges.'
  36. 'My pal Andy and I were volunteered to accompany her to England.'
  37. 'We fishermen had a small role to play; in addition to tagging our catches, Dan had volunteered us as fish herders.'
  38. 'It was not until his teacher volunteered him to join the choir that his talent was discovered.'
  39. 'Tom grabbed my wrist and raised my arm up as to volunteer me.'
  40. 'The old man has something he wants done in San Francisco, and I've volunteered you.'
  41. 'When an official came to the door and asked if anyone wanted to box, my brother volunteered me.'
  42. 'Lucky for me, we had an odd number of students in that class, and she always volunteered me to share with her.'
  43. 'He was a 19-year-old rifleman in Northern Ireland when he was volunteered to take part in what he thought was common cold research.'
Work for an organization without being paid.
  1. 'If you're into community service, I am sure there are several service groups or community organizations to volunteer with.'
  2. 'As the new head of the advisory council, he plans to revive the center, where's he's volunteered for more than 20 years.'
  3. 'You could volunteer with a literacy organization and help teach people to read, or visit the local children's hospital and bring them gifts or just spend time with them.'
  4. 'Below is a partial list of members who are giving their time and expertise to various community organizations-some of whom are volunteering for more than one group.'
  5. 'Immigrants' limited involvement revolves around volunteering for civic organizations.'
  6. 'We could do with ten people to volunteer a couple of hours of their time over the next fortnight.'
  7. 'One of the best ways to get involved with AIDS action is simply to pick among the many AIDS organizations in the city and begin volunteering.'
  8. 'The opening message should be interesting enough to entice the potential volunteer to consider volunteering for the organization.'
  9. 'Outside of work, he's volunteered with a number of local environmental and resource management committees.'
  10. 'When asked what led them to volunteer, more than two-thirds of those with children told us they volunteer for organizations that serve family members.'

More definitions

1. a person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking.

2. a person who performs a service willingly and without pay.

3. Military. a person who enters the service voluntarily rather than through conscription or draft, especially for special or temporary service rather than as a member of the regular or permanent army.

4. Law. a person whose actions are not founded on any legal obligation so to act. a person who intrudes into a matter that does not concern him

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Late 16th century (as a noun, with military reference): from French volontaire ‘voluntary’. The change in the ending was due to association with -eer.