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Relating to the measurement of volume.
  1. 'The controlled heating of deeper tissue and the ensuing skin tightening is known as volumetric tissue heating.'
  2. 'Often when I ask for a price, the owner will get a look on his face that makes me think he is doing volumetric computations of some of the more difficult solids.'
  3. 'Since she began attending, the figures in her paintings have gone from flat to volumetric, and her aesthetic has changed to match.'
  4. 'In general, the titrant is placed in a volumetric glassware called a burette and added slowly to a known volume of analyte until the reaction is complete.'
  5. 'For high-accuracy chemical analysis and research work, a volumetric transfer pipette is preferred.'
  6. 'One lecture in 1814 was memorable for its first description of volumetric chemical analysis.'


1. of or relating to measurement by volume.

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"pumps can be volumetric."

"woods can be volumetric."

"systems can be volumetric."

"shipments can be volumetric."

"revenues can be volumetric."

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Mid 19th century: from volume + metric.