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Relating to or produced by a volcano or volcanoes.
  1. 'thick deposits of black volcanic ash'
  2. 'These became later covered in ash and dust from volcanic eruptions in the region.'
  3. 'At least three phases of volcanic activity are present within the Erenlerdag Volcanic Complex.'
  4. 'This confirms that the tension fractures were formed during the volcanic activity.'
  5. 'Volcanologists now monitor the frequency of volcanic activity in an effort to predict eruptions.'
  6. 'The trees thrive in tropical conditions near the sea, and seem to prefer volcanic soils, as in the Moluccas and Grenada.'
  7. 'Old lava flows and beds of volcanic ash underlie the surface of much of this part of Colorado.'
  8. 'At the base of the food chain are bacteria that dwell in the searing fluids belching from the volcanic vents.'
  9. 'We estimate the magma production, erosion and marine depositional rates of volcanic products.'
  10. 'However, many of these basins experienced intense volcanic activity which may have caused local folding.'
  11. 'However, this folding mechanism is thought to be related to the nearest volcanic activity.'
  12. 'As he gazes past you into the middle-distance, you sense that he could erupt in a volcanic temper.'


1. of or relating to a volcano: a volcanic eruption.

2. discharged from or produced by volcanoes: volcanic mud.

3. characterized by the presence of volcanoes: a volcanic area.

4. suggestive of or resembling a volcano; potentially explosive; volatile: a volcanic temper.

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"people can be volcanic in sacks."

"islands can be volcanic in senses."

"geologies can be volcanic in origins."

"areas can be volcanic in origins."

"activities can be volcanic."

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Late 18th century: from French volcanique, from volcan (see volcano).