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Not valid or legally binding.
  1. 'As the jury found the agreement was a loan on the security of the car, the Court of Criminal Appeal quashed D's conviction as this agreement was void and thus the car was unencumbered.'
  2. 'The position is that the articles have legislated a particular set of sanctions, namely, that a transfer which does not comply with the article is void.'
  3. 'Any agreements or decisions prohibited pursuant to this Article shall be automatically void.'
  4. 'When a jurisdictional error by the body is deemed to have occurred, it means that the decision has always been legally void.'
  5. 'The authors argue that, despite the provision in Article 53 that inconsistent treaties are void, the doctrine has had little formal or practical consequence.'
  6. 'Accordingly, whether or not I am right about the boundary shown by the conveyances, I hold that the boundary agreement is not void against the defendant for want of registration.'
  7. 'Is the liquidated damages provision valid or is it void for uncertainty or inoperable?'
  8. 'If such an agreement is always void, employers would be deterred from settling disputes.'
  9. 'The parties are also agreed that my previous rulings are void as a result of the mistrial.'
  10. 'But there is nothing in this case which would warrant the grant of an injunction against the third respondent unless the decision of the Tribunal was void.'
  11. 'all the stratagems you've worked out are rendered void'
  12. 'If not, the cost and time spent on the 2004 elections could be null and void.'
  13. 'The old checks I had, had the wrong address printed along the top, making them absolutely void.'
  14. 'The precautions taken publicly are rendered null and void by the amount of negligence which goes on in private.'
  15. 'Without this law, the entire purpose of campaign funding limits on parties would be null and void.'
  16. 'It doesn't matter that I have a college degree, and if I don't go back and redo my senior year of high school, that college degree becomes null and void.'
  17. 'Under that logic, the entire concept of obscenity has become abrogated and essentially null and void.'
  18. 'It is very obvious if confessions were exerted under torture, then they are null and void.'
  19. 'When a senator leaves their party to another, or to go independent, suddenly literally hundreds and thousands of voters preferences are rendered null and void.'
  20. 'A ‘moot’ point is one the Indian wants to argue; but if it's moot, the American considers it null and void.'
  21. 'Until it becomes so, any conclusion linking the death penalty with the murder rate will be null and void.'
Completely empty.
  1. 'Do we long for the filling up of every void place and gap in our hearts?'
  2. 'Monuments - or projects for monuments - began to espouse holes, void spaces and black surfaces, and inversions.'
  3. 'Instead they have found a home in the void zone between success and failure.'
  4. 'The architect created a void space shielded with glass to allow sunlight to penetrate into the interior.'
  5. 'At first floor level this area is void, indicating perhaps why much of this accommodation at ground level has not been capable of sub-division.'
  6. 'These minerals are found in void spaces within and between pillows.'
  7. 'He continued to sit, staring into the void space.'
  8. 'The atomists held that there are smallest indivisible bodies from which everything else is composed, and that these move about in an infinite void space.'
  9. 'This ratio provides an indication of the available void space within the pore structure of the brick unit to accommodate freezing expansion.'
  10. 'Nevertheless, attraction across void space seemed a mystery, and some of his eminent contemporaries were unwilling to accept his physics.'
  11. 'In such configurations, the glucose ring fills the void space between adjacent headgroups.'
  12. 'The boathouse was empty, and left a void space of sea water in the middle of the room.'
  13. 'The effectiveness of this compactional pump diminished over time as void space in the peat gradually collapsed.'
  14. 'In 1965, he started stacking his metal boxes on the wall, encompassing the void spaces between the boxes as part of the single art object.'
  15. 'what were once the masterpieces of literature are now void of meaning'
  16. 'One more sense is revealed in this manner, as the viewer can hear what is present during the exposure, which in itself adds volume to the vacant, but not void, photograph.'
(in bridge and whist) having been dealt no cards in a particular suit.
  1. 'when West showed void he went into a huddle'
  2. 'Each player must follow suit until he is void (note that you are not allowed to trump while you still have a card of the led suit - this is unlike Pitch).'
  3. 'There are also only eleven spades available, however, so the opposing players may eventually become void in spades if the holder of the honour cards waits long enough before playing them.'
  4. 'If the trump suit is lead, and a player is void, but holds a rank trump card, that player must play the rank trump card.'
  5. 'East considers that it is best to trump with the QH and West, now void in the led suit of clubs, is allowed to over-trump with the AH'
  6. 'Having bid ulti, the declarer is obliged to keep the 7 of trumps as long as is legally possible, subject to the rules of following suit and trumping when void.'
  7. 'If she is not void, she must either follow suit or play a higher trump.'
  8. 'For example if you try to bet after the following player has already played a card, your bet is void.'


A completely empty space.
  1. 'Valerie felt like she had just fallen into a void, empty of everything, a place which made no sense.'
  2. 'It's too bad, I feel you miss a lot by conducting your maneuvers with hundreds of kilometers of empty void between your units.'
  3. 'You can't imagine it as an empty black void, because you don't have eyes too see it, ears to hear it, or a brain to comprehend it.'
  4. 'This basement was an empty void for a very long time and slowly became the museum in the 1980s.'
  5. 'There's a void, an empty space in my observations where the poor guy was which seems somehow to have failed to register properly.'
  6. 'Thus it is left open, unfinished: It can be a space of possibility or an empty void.'
  7. 'But she felt like she had a hole inside her: an empty space, a void, a little circle of darkness.'
  8. 'The galaxies then gathered in clusters, and the clusters gathered in long strings with humongous, almost empty, voids in between.'
  9. 'But what is the earth itself but a small life-ship spinning through an endless space of unmapped voids?'
  10. 'Hot spots would one day become hotbeds of galaxy formation; cold spots would one day become great, empty voids.'
  11. 'These beetles will spend the winter in attics, wall voids and around window frames.'
  12. 'On clear days, the void is filled with daylight that is transmitted down through the ceiling prism elements.'
  13. 'Within the voids of the structure, ample cedar storage spaces have been inserted.'
  14. 'This comprises two double layers of glass - the outermost layer made of curved panels to produce a scalloped effect - with dramatic maintenance walkways in the interstitial voids.'
  15. 'Additionally, all wall areas must be free of gaps or voids through which sound could travel.'
  16. 'The National Academies Building acknowledges its historic context through a rhythm of voids and projections in the facades.'
  17. 'The introduction of voids into the structure would lower its polarizability.'
  18. 'The building is a composition of solids and voids, making spaces at street level where students can sit and interact.'
  19. 'Clearly, for the Roman architects, three-dimensional space was more than a void between objects.'
  20. 'Because the buildings are fairly old there are no party walls in the roof void, which is why it spread quickly.'
  21. 'his loss leaves a void in the community'
  22. 'The loss of Dad will leave a huge void in our lives.'
  23. 'Instead of the flood of emotions that I had been expecting, I felt nothing but a void in my heart.'
  24. 'Government regulations prohibiting the use of ephedra left a tremendous void in the energy/weight loss category.'
  25. 'All that there was left was an emptiness, a void.'
  26. 'In modern times, the town's main employers were coal mining and associated heavy engineering, the loss of which created a void in the economy.'
  27. 'Our approach in the changes we made was to augment his presence, and his loss left a void in the team and organization.'
  28. 'She reached for her power and found nothing, just a void.'
  29. 'But it had to come to an end, leaving me with a renewed feeling of void and emptiness.'
  30. 'The never-ending flow of mental activity started as consciousness abruptly exploded from the void of nothingness.'
  31. 'There's a giant void, an emptiness that will never, ever be filled.'
(in bridge and whist) a suit in which a player is dealt no cards.
  1. 'This could be when you are void in the suit led or to a spade trick when the Ace or King of Spades has already been played.'
  2. 'Tricks are played as in Whist, that is, suit must be followed if possible and a player void in the suit led may trump or discard as he chooses.'
  3. 'You secretly place the bets, one to a suit, and if you're void in that suit at the end of the hand, you collect the appropriate number of points.'
  4. 'The rules of play are as in Euchre - you must follow suit, and if void of the suit led you may trump or discard at will.'
  5. 'When passing cards and choosing a card for the bottle imp trick, I strongly prefer to give myself a red or blue void if possible.'
  6. 'If you have the king with many cards of the same suit, someone is almost sure to be void of the suit.'
  7. 'In this way, the partner that plays second or third to the trick will know that the declarer is void in this suit.'
  8. 'This is especially a good idea if the player is long in some non-trump suit because this may mean that his partner is void in that suit and can trump it.'


Declare that (something) is not valid or legally binding.
  1. 'For these reasons, the Supreme Court voided the visitation order.'
  2. 'The reason for this exception is to prevent the statute of limitations from voiding the taxpayer's ability to take this deduction.'
  3. 'By the terms of the tribunal's order the pending termination of the tenancy was voided when the eviction order was voided, namely on January 28, 2003.'
  4. 'The lower courts in Ohio voided the contracts on the grounds that they were usurious loans.'
  5. 'But the Supreme Court voided the civil damages award.'
  6. 'The notice had been filed against a ruling by the Supreme Court of Appeal voiding the department's medicine pricing regulations.'
  7. 'In 1972, the Supreme Court, in Furman v. Georgia, voided all existing state death penalty statutes, thus suspending the death penalty.'
  8. 'One might expect that a Member of Parliament whose election was voided by the High Court would be required to step down.'
  9. 'Many of the legal consequences of marriage have now been applied even to void unions, and virtually all marriages are open to dissolution even if only one spouse wishes it.'
  10. 'At the time, North Carolina law voided marriages ‘between a white person and a person of Negro or Indian blood to the third generation inclusive.’'
Discharge or drain away (water, gases, etc.)
  1. 'But to give you an idea, all these areas here, except for the lower Ninth Ward - most of these areas that I'm showing you right here were already voided of water; the water was gone.'
  2. 'Patients are discharged the day after surgery providing they are afebrile, voiding after Foley catheter removal, achieving pain management with oral medication, and ambulating without difficulty.'
  3. 'All patients who had an indwelling Foley catheter were successfully voiding within 12 days after the procedure.'
  4. 'The initial determination of microscopic hematuria should be based on microscopic examination of urinary sediment from a freshly voided, clean-catch, midstream urine specimen.'
  5. 'This heating would melt the wax and allow it to be poured off or voided, leaving a hollow mould.'


1. Law. having no legal force or effect; not legally binding or enforceable.

2. useless; ineffectual; vain.

3. devoid; destitute (usually followed by of): a life void of meaning.

4. without contents; empty.

5. without an incumbent, as an office.

6. Mathematics. (of a set) empty.

7. (in cards) having no cards in a suit. noun

8. an empty space; emptiness: He disappeared into the void. 9. something experienced as a loss or privation: His death left a great void in her l

More examples(as adjective)

"warrants can be void after dates."

"settlements can be void in terms."

"laws can be void."

"agreements can be void."

"leases can be void."

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Middle English (in the sense ‘unoccupied’): from a dialect variant of Old French vuide; related to Latin vacare ‘vacate’; the verb partly a shortening of avoid, reinforced by Old French voider.