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Not able to speak or express opinions.
  1. 'He was born disabled and voiceless with a gaze permanently haunted by a look of terror.'
  2. 'An operation for goitre has left her voiceless.'
  3. 'Without asking, I understood the call she meant, the voiceless pull that kept drawing me to the water unafraid despite my father's fears.'
(of a speech sound) uttered without resonance of the vocal cords (e.g. f, k, p, s, t).
  1. 'In English, /h/ is like a voiceless vowel in that there is no fricative-like narrowing in the mouth, so that the greatest point of narrowing is in the glottis.'
  2. 'Several other sounds originate in the back of the throat, often as a voiceless click rather than a voiced fricative.'


1. having no voice; mute.

2. uttering no words; silent.

3. having an unmusical voice.

4. unspoken; unuttered: voiceless sympathy.

5. having no vote or right of choice.

6. Phonetics. without voice; unvoiced; surd; aphonic (contrasted with voiced): “p,” “f,” and “s” are voiceless. uttered without phonation.

More examples(as adjective)

"texts can be voiceless until vocaliseds."

"stops can be voiceless."

"sounds can be voiceless."

"fricativeses can be voiceless."

"texts can be voiceless."

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