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Speaking or singing with a voice of a specified kind.
  1. 'a passionate deep-voiced singer'
  2. 'Extras include a commentary with the director joined by the bass voiced singer making his acting debut.'
  3. 'This is a great return to form from the croaky voiced one, with loads of featured artists.'
(of an opinion or attitude) expressed in a particular way.
  1. 'strongly voiced sentiments'
  2. 'Another frequently voiced objection is that many words sound the same but are represented by a different character.'
  3. 'There is an abundance of powerfully voiced republicanism, anticlerical fervour and epicurean life.'
(of a speech sound) uttered with resonance of the vocal cords (e.g. b, d, g)
  1. 'In English, w normally represents a voiced bilabial semi-vowel, produced by rounding and then opening the lips before a full vowel, whose value may be affected.'
  2. 'There is a voiced velar fricative in many Scottish English words (loch, pibroch) and in traditional Scots (bricht, micht, nicht = bright, might, night).'
  3. 'He has a light German accent: voiced dental stops for voiced interdental fricatives("de" for "the", "dis" for "this").'


1. having a voice of a specified kind (usually used in combination): shrill-voiced.

2. expressed vocally: his voiced opinion.

3. Phonetics. pronounced with glottal vibrations; phonated (contrasted with voiceless): “b,” “v,” and “z” are voiced.

More examples(as adjective)

"concerns can be voiced."

"supports can be voiced."

"fears can be voiced."

"doubts can be voiced."

"oppositions can be voiced."

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