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Relating to or denoting a case of nouns, pronouns, and adjectives in Latin and other languages, used in addressing or invoking a person or thing.


    A word in the vocative case.
    1. 'Women tend to use such words as adorable, cute, lovely, sweet in describing people and objects and such vocatives as my dear, darling, sweetie.'


    1. Grammar. (in certain inflected languages, as Latin) noting or pertaining to a case used to indicate that a noun refers to a person or thing being addressed.

    2. of, relating to, or used in calling, specifying, or addressing. noun, Grammar.

    3. the vocative case.

    4. a word in the vocative, as Latin Paule “O Paul.”.

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    "forms can be vocative."

    "terms can be vocative."

    "particles can be vocative."

    "natures can be vocative."

    "items can be vocative."

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    Late Middle English: from Old French vocatif, -ive or Latin vocativus, from vocare ‘to call’.