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Relating to an occupation or employment.
  1. 'The awards were given for personal and community involvements, as well as their vocational achievements.'
  2. 'Participation in special vocational or academic projects and community service will also add points.'
  3. 'However, if you want to take a vocational path, qualifications in such subjects as business or sports studies may well be useful.'
  4. 'Occupational rehab and vocational rehab may also be needed to help regain function.'
  5. 'He engaged in meaningful employment, vocational pursuits and social interests.'
  6. 'Many are engaged in vocational activities like weaving bedsheets and towels.'
  7. 'The new diplomas will offer children the chance to shine in both academic and vocational areas and progress at their own pace.'
  8. 'The Government needs to ensure that the new vocational specialist diplomas really reflect the needs of businesses.'
  9. 'It asked questions about hobbies, activities and the sorts of people I preferred, as well as vocational interests.'
  10. 'In a way, there was predictability in my life, especially my vocational life.'
  11. 'specialized vocational courses such as fashion and catering have been popular among students'
  12. 'And he warns that the expansion of higher education could damage vocational training.'
  13. 'He was a guiding mentor for generations of pupils who went through the vocational education system.'
  14. 'A key part of our campaign was to emphasise the promotion of vocational education.'
  15. 'Some parents will want a school that specialises in vocational education.'
  16. 'I think we've neglected vocational education in the most tragic way.'
  17. 'Business leaders gave a broad welcome to the proposals for putting vocational training on a more equal footing with academic subjects.'
  18. 'Any vocational education needs, in my view, to be based firmly on a broad liberal-arts foundation.'
  19. 'In Germany I saw an extremely well developed system of vocational education.'
  20. 'And she believes the proposed expansion of vocational education is the most important element of the report.'
  21. 'Boosting vocational education and revamping the role of local councils were other priorities, he said.'


1. of, relating to, or connected with a vocation or occupation: a vocational aptitude.

2. of, relating to, or noting instruction or guidance in an occupation or profession chosen as a career or in the choice of a career: a vocational counselor.

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