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Relating to the human voice.
  1. 'In effect, they undermine themselves by providing the vocal equivalent of a laugh track.'
  2. 'The body language, the particular vocal tone of his voice, the mischievous glint in his eye, all the ways in which he related to myself and others, were absent.'
  3. 'Each of the main cast characters has contributed to the in-game sound by lending their vocal talents to the project.'
  4. 'The condition, which affects 29,000 people in Britain, is a neurological disorder that causes involuntary twitches and vocal noises.'
  5. 'An intriguing mix of vocal sounds fills the air.'
  6. 'These scores required singers with a beautifully produced, expressive sound and great vocal agility.'
  7. 'Throughout the track the production is much more reserved than the rest of the album: the use of strings is subtle and vocal effects are minimal.'
  8. 'It does this by filtering out sounds by frequency - usually around the normal vocal range of human voices.'
  9. 'Obviously, there are a lot of vocal effects, guitar effects, interesting reverbs and the like.'
  10. 'A less common subspecies generates vocal noises to signal intellectual superiority rather than just urbane sophistication.'
  11. 'Our vocal apparatus can produce a large diversity of sounds.'
  12. 'There may also be evolutionary specializations of the motor system, for example to allow stronger voluntary control of the vocal apparatus.'
  13. 'According to proponents of the technology, the variations of the human vocal tract ensure that each person's voice is spectographically individual.'
(of music) consisting of or incorporating singing.
  1. 'a vocal bass line'
  2. 'With quite the most eccentric vocal performance of this, or indeed of any other Eurovision, this could either sweep the board or flop completely.'
  3. 'He trained in the cello and vocal music but also plays guitar, clarinet and saxophone.'
  4. 'Their style is melodic driving rock, with textured guitars and strong vocal harmony lines.'
  5. 'It's her best vocal performance on the CD and the backing song does just that… backs her up.'
  6. 'Most classical stations don't want vocal music during the day because if it's on in the workplace, it's distracting.'
  7. 'These two Sligo ladies are both classically trained pianists, but their superb voices, and outstanding vocal arrangements are even more impressive.'
  8. 'I Got Rhythm is a lively and entertaining production with an array of costume changes, live vocal performances and technically demanding dance.'
  9. 'They played different kinds of music, some vocal, others more instrumental, and all had their own loyal groups of followers and supporters.'
  10. 'Once a vocal track sounds great, it's time to get it in to the computer.'
Expressing opinions or feelings freely or loudly.
  1. 'You're correct that the populist view is not necessarily the right view, but those with centre-left leaning are more generally more vocal in their opinions.'
  2. 'Chretien has been rather vocal and somewhat cautious in his own comments about it.'
  3. 'But in more rural areas where there is a less diverse mix of people, those afraid of difference become vocal and treat fellow humans badly.'
  4. 'While a vocal segment of public opinion expressed fear of becoming too closely aligned with the United States, the onset of the Cold War dictated otherwise.'
  5. 'She heads the country's Women's Federation as well as several charities and is a vocal human rights activist.'
  6. 'Indeed, in the stand, a number of the Carlow supporters were a little too vocal in condemning their county team.'
  7. 'In the US, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and black newspaper editors waged vocal campaigns against this.'
  8. 'We should all take heart from the decision; it shows that a compelling case allied to a vocal campaign will eventually persuade road ministers to loosen the purse strings.'
  9. 'Well, the United States government has been a very vocal critic of the human rights situation in the country, but it's not just the United States government.'
  10. 'After reading it, I plan to become more vocal, rather than letting myself be persuaded or sucked in by the medical model of childbirth!'


A part of a piece of music that is sung.
  1. 'I was singing along with the vocal'
  2. 'So they played along to cassette backing tapes with keyboard melodies and some vocals.'
  3. 'He writes their songs, sings their vocals, plays their instruments and produces their records.'
  4. 'The audience seemed drawn to the stripped down sound and raw vocals, and sang along.'
  5. 'So we get music that's dense and intense with lots of soaring vocals and big piano chords.'
  6. 'Terry is the large woman you may remember singing backing vocals with Culture Club.'
  7. 'Erlend also sang vocals on two Royksopp songs and released a solo album called Unrest which is pretty damn fine as well.'
  8. 'The soundproofed room next door hosts a microphone where vocals and music can be recorded.'
  9. 'Clear, bright guitar melodies and cute, harmonised vocals serve each song well.'
  10. 'A classic and one of the most poignant tracks on the album, boasting swinging melody lines and sweet vocals.'
  11. 'It only got interesting during the final song when the drummer took over vocals and sang his heart out.'
  12. 'The pair soon wove their magic around Thom Yorke's haunting vocals and were promoted to the ranks of producers.'
  13. 'Malik and Donnelly fail on both of these accounts, hamming up the production and the vocal, including a faux soulful emphasis.'
  14. 'As far as Strength In Numbers was concerned everything was geared towards male vocals.'
  15. 'Leave it to a singer on his first turn as a producer to push the vocals up in the mix.'
  16. 'The audience probably weren't listening anyway, so effectively did the staging distract from Jonathan Summers' thoughtful, amplified vocal.'
  17. 'The songs are often second-rate and the performances are dire, like his shockingly inept vocal on the title track.'
  18. 'It is also one of the many examples on the album where a double tracked vocal is used.'


1. of, relating to, or uttered with the voice: the vocal mechanism; vocal criticism.

2. rendered by or intended for singing: vocal music.

3. having a voice: A dog is a vocal, but not a verbal, being.

4. giving forth sound with or as with a voice.

5. inclined to express oneself in words, especially copiously or insistently: a vocal advocate of reform.

6. Phonetics. vocalic (def 1). voiced. noun

7. a vocal sound.

8. a musical piece for a singer, usually with in

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"categories can be vocals."


(vocal)Late Middle English: from Latin vocalis, from vox, voc- (see voice). Current senses of the noun date from the 1920s.