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Using the voice.
  1. 'females vocally interacted with their mates'
  2. 'Is "Be bop-a-lula" a line of lyrics or just an essentially nonverbal transcription of musical sounds that just happen to be produced vocally?'
  3. 'The singers generate all sounds vocally.'
In a way that relates to singing.
  1. 'Vocally the band meets all requirements to become successful.'
  2. 'These tracks are both musically tight and vocally accomplished, making the album an extremely pleasant listen.'
  3. 'The last song is a vocally layered gem, featuring the organ in a far more restrained mood.'
By expressing opinions or feelings freely or loudly.
  1. 'Mary campaigned vocally for his release'
  2. 'That's roughly four times the amount that was spent in 1996, the year the last farm bill - product of a Congress vocally committed to "getting government out of farming" - came into being.'
  3. 'For the rest of the tale, he serves as a messenger for the dwarves, even though he vocally disagrees with their plans.'

More definitions

1. of, relating to, or uttered with the voice: the vocal mechanism; vocal criticism.

2. rendered by or intended for singing: vocal music.

3. having a voice: A dog is a vocal, but not a verbal, being.

4. giving forth sound with or as with a voice.

5. inclined to express oneself in words, especially copiously or insistently: a vocal advocate of reform.

6. Phonetics. vocalic (def 1). voiced. noun

7. a vocal sound.

8. a musical piece for a singer, usually with in

More examples(as adjective)

"thrillings can be vocally."