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Make more lively or interesting; enliven.
  1. 'To vivify the world is one responsibility of a poet.'
  2. 'The academy would choose, on the other hand, to flatten human experience; Pinker may be a materialist but one that sees this universality; therefore, he vivifies - encourages our sense of three-dimensionality.'
  3. 'Her cowboy jigs and country reels literally vivify the show.'
  4. 'The stark red color vivifies the flashback scenes.'
  5. 'The film, though, has a strange, stately calm, an antidramatic tone that the melodramatic music tries to vivify.'
  6. 'As much as these paintings enliven one another as a group, a generous eccentricity serves to vivify the authority and merit of each painting as an independent work.'
  7. 'The ability to assume different characters and voices helps a story-teller vivify his tale.'
  8. 'Maybe those laboring to regenerate and vivify landscapes and to thicken the human/nature drama are quixotic deer-like souls.'
  9. 'The study of literature, says Hines, vivifies material culture, while archaeology enriches critical reading.'
  10. 'Historical memory, and especially the loveliest component of it, which has been preserved in works of art, is something absolutely vivifying.'

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1. to give life to; animate; quicken.

2. to enliven; brighten; sharpen.

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"orders can be vivifying."


(vivify)Late Middle English: from French vivifier, from late Latin vivificare, from Latin vivus ‘living’, from vivere ‘to live’.