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Producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind.
  1. 'a vivid description'
  2. 'Trent's words from the night before were still fresh in her mind, painting vivid pictures.'
  3. 'And most of us do that, providing our readers with vivid images and resonant sounds.'
  4. 'The images were still vivid in her mind, as if she were watching a scene of a movie over and over again.'
  5. 'His images created by the vivid description of desert life and earthly love scenes were never excelled by later lyricists.'
  6. 'It's also notable that Wright leaves a far more vivid and haunting image in your mind.'
  7. 'The descriptions were so vivid she could almost picture the races that he spoke of.'
  8. 'The details of that day were so vivid in Adam's mind that it seemed like it had happened only yesterday.'
  9. 'When people hear the name Titanic many vivid and emotional images come to mind.'
  10. 'She had another terrible nightmare and could not shake the vivid images from her mind.'
  11. 'Kit could feel the anger coursing through his mind and everything was vivid and clear.'
(of a colour) intensely deep or bright.
  1. 'The deep, vivid colours make angels landing by silence much more than just another flower picture.'
  2. 'Beetroot is also great for making soup and can be sliced, diced or grated to add vivid colour to salads.'
  3. 'Colours are vivid and symbolic, including rich purple parchment and gold lettering.'
  4. 'The quest was for good, strong geraniums to go in a big planter by the front door and give us a dash of vivid colour right through the summer and on into the autumn.'
  5. 'At the time, I liked big, single blooms with vivid colours, but now I've rather gone off them.'
  6. 'The display is great-very large, as you can see, with a bright backlight and vivid colour.'
  7. 'Of course, its vivid colours are depicted, but also the grimy greys and blacks of modern urban Spain.'
  8. 'Fluorescent colours are vivid and eye-catching, even from a distance, because of special pigment used in the dyes.'
  9. 'Its limpid pools, vivid colours and unusual plants will reinforce your sense of tranquility and equanimity.'
  10. 'I have enjoyed painting in vivid colour for years now - the colours work on the psyche.'
(of a person or animal) lively and vigorous.
  1. 'Fisk is a garlanded, dynamic, vivid reporter, one of the best in the world.'
  2. 'Bristling with vivid characters, they give an electrifying glimpse into an unknown world.'


1. strikingly bright or intense, as color, light, etc.: a vivid green.

2. full of life; lively; animated: a vivid personality.

3. presenting the appearance, freshness, spirit, etc., of life; realistic: a vivid account.

4. strong, distinct, or clearly perceptible: a vivid recollection.

5. forming distinct and striking mental images: a vivid imagination.

More examples(as adjective)

"ways can be vivid in rows."

"memories can be vivid of strikes."

"images can be vivid in memories."

"ways can be vivid because of drugs."

"ways can be vivid because of diseases."

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Mid 17th century: from Latin vividus, from vivere ‘to live’.