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(especially of a woman) attractively lively and animated.
  1. 'she was dark-haired and vivacious'
  2. 'Fresh, vivacious and lively, this wine has enormous energy and vitality.'
  3. 'Meanwhile, Patrick - confident and laid-back - is trying to finish with the vivacious Susan.'
  4. 'She was a very bubbly and vivacious woman who usually had no difficulty meeting people.'
  5. 'She was tiny, pretty, and vivacious, her sparkle compensating for a lack of education.'
  6. 'At the school dance, a teenager kept his eye on a beautiful, vivacious girl, a little older than him and with curves in all the right places.'
  7. 'He instantly whipped around to stare at the vivacious girl with her hand placed on her hip.'
  8. 'She said Johnston will be remembered for her vivacious nature, spirituality and hard work.'
  9. 'Countless women have been simply delighted by this charming and vivacious woman.'
  10. 'Foreign girls are vivacious, flirtatious, open minded and fun.'
  11. 'Within the space of a day, this young, vivacious woman had managed to awaken him as no other had done.'


1. lively; animated; spirited: a vivacious folk dance.

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"people can be vivacious."

"personalities can be vivacious."

"selves can be vivacious."

"movements can be vivacious."

"manners can be vivacious."

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Mid 17th century: from Latin vivax, vivac- ‘lively, vigorous’ (from vivere ‘to live’) + -ious.