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  1. 'But it was the viva which frightened me to death.'
  2. 'To decide his fate, he would have to face a viva, a personal interview with the examiners.'
  3. 'The project viva turned out to be smooth sailing.'
  4. 'I would love to be able to tell the story of my viva, but can't.'
  5. 'He was said to be the ‘ablest historian of his year’, but he had failed to get a first, and seemed now to be acting out some endless redemptive viva.'
  6. 'The clinical assessors studied 50 case records culled randomly from the past six months' activity, and on the second day I had a two hour viva on selected records.'
  7. 'Our readers should know he cut a fine figure in subfusc on his way to his viva.'
  8. 'When performance assessment did occur, as in specialty certification, the traditional viva dominated.'


Subject (someone) to an oral examination.


    Long live! (used to express acclaim or support for a specified person or thing)
    1. 'He ended his speech with: ‘Sophiatown forever, viva Sophiatown’, which was greeted with enthusiastic nods by the crowd of around 60 people.'


    A cry of ‘viva’ as a salute or cheer.

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      1. Italian, Spanish. (an exclamation of acclaim or approval): Viva Zapata! noun

      2. a shout of “viva.”.

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      "easts can be viva."