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Give strength and energy to.
  1. 'And it is precisely this intangible element - a sense of shared values and community - that is the legacy that seems to be the driving force sustaining and vitalizing this collection.'
  2. 'And it is this current state of affairs that allows and indeed vitalizes a penal code that calls for ever more executions to be carried out by the state in expiation of such defiling acts that pollute the sacred public domain.'
  3. 'Music created by British Asians is vitalizing the club scene with its funky sounds and Indian dance and theater is enriching the arts.'
  4. 'She felt a great hope swelling in her heart, vitalizing her entire being.'
  5. 'There was a competitive edge, which vitalised the most mundane of conversations.'
  6. '‘Gambling is part of tourism and can vitalise it,’ Miller said.'
  7. 'There was a pull, a peaceful power, in that simple sound, and its strength bolstered and vitalized the vegetation perhaps even more than more ordinary methods of caretaking.'
  8. 'For three decades, tribal colleges and universities have been working to preserve and vitalize our cultures and traditions.'
  9. 'Hydropaths believed that the sick body's self-curative powers could be vitalized by copious amounts of water, taken internally and externally, a non-stimulating diet, sunlight, exercise, and relaxation.'
  10. 'Tuna tartare, served in hollowed-out lemons, is vitalized with an unexpected foursome of currants, pine nuts, fava beans, and sun-dried tomatoes.'

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1. to give life to; make vital.

2. to give vitality or vigor to; animate.

More examples(as adjective)

"forces can be vitalizing."

"flows can be vitalizing."