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  1. 'According to a study by The Hockey News, 38 percent of the league's skaters are visored, roughly a 3 percent increase over 2003-04 and an all-time high.'
  2. 'If, when I watched Len Hutton open the batting for Yorkshire, someone had predicted that, one day, batsmen would wear chest protectors, arm-guards and visored helmets, I would have assumed that they had read too much science fiction.'


1. Armor. (on a close helmet) a piece having slits or holes for vision, situated above and pivoted with a beaver or a ventail and beaver. a similar piece of plate having holes or slits for vision and breathing, attached to or used with any of various other helmets, as the armet, sallet, basinet, or helm.

2. the projecting front brim of a cap.

3. a rigid adjustable flap on an automobile windshield that can shield the eyes of a driver from direct sunlight or glare.

4. a means of concealm

More examples(as adjective)

"policemen can be visored."

"helms can be visored."

"figures can be visored."