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A person visiting someone or somewhere, especially socially or as a tourist.
  1. 'I'm expecting visitors later this evening'
  2. 'This is a wonderful development in the area and was much needed to facilitate the local visitor and the passing tourists.'
  3. 'When the Evening Press spoke to visitors in the town centre yesterday, most appeared in favour.'
  4. 'He was a frequent visitor to the archival and historical sections of Laois library and had written extensively on his local area.'
  5. 'We hope they will be widely used by local people, tourists, and other visitors to the city.'
  6. 'Construction of the monument along with a visitor's center is expected to begin within two years.'
  7. 'York is a major tourist city and the visitors it attracts benefit many businesses in and around York.'
  8. 'The effect of such decisions on tourists and visitors to Kendal must be considerable.'
  9. 'Baildon Moor is used by local people and at the weekends by tourists and visitors from other nearby towns.'
  10. 'The present state of this newly formed path extension is hardly likely to attract new visitors and tourists.'
  11. 'Carlisle is a modern city with a traditional feel that is popular with visitors, locals and tourists alike.'
  12. 'However in the final quarter the visitors visibly tired and the floodgates opened.'
  13. 'However, for the first quarter the visitors looked to have control of the game.'
  14. 'A penalty put the visitors back to within one goal as the teams went into overdrive.'
  15. 'After the ceremony the visitors were given a tour of the ship, including the main communications office.'
  16. 'No mean achievement this, as the visitors ' first team are two leagues above Ilkley.'
  17. 'She enjoys talking to visitors and offers tours to different sights on the island.'
  18. 'On the hour a corner for the visitors ended with a scramble in the area and skipper Craig Sugden launched himself to net a header.'
  19. 'Nonetheless, he is a genial man and he will sometimes give guided tours to visitors, if he's not too busy.'
  20. 'Three goals followed, all scored by the visitors, as the team lost its shape in the final quarter of an hour.'
  21. 'Robinson added the extra two and a further penalty when the visitors strayed offside.'
  22. 'First off, Michael Briggs managed to thwart a formal inquiry by appealing to the university visitor.'
  23. 'the red-necked grebe is a regular winter visitor'
  24. 'In this country, the brambling is a passage migrant and a winter visitor.'
  25. 'This bird may have been a visitor from Victoria, or a vagrant from the population in eastern Asia.'
  26. 'Ice free, fresh water will help attract birds to your garden and make them regular visitors.'
  27. 'Our Black Swan was, according to Lloyd, an annual visitor to the East Pond for at least a few years.'
  28. 'It will usually vocalize or bill-clap as well, in an effort to scare away the unwanted visitor or predator.'
  29. 'A glance at a map shows the woodchat to be well distributed as a summer visitor in much of Europe.'
  30. 'But, of course, the woodpecker may be a regular visitor and I wouldn't necessarily know.'
  31. 'Sharath Babu says the golden oriole is an attractive bird, a winter visitor to Bangalore.'
  32. 'The Eurasian Wigeon is a regular winter visitor to Washington's coasts and western lowlands.'
  33. 'O'Callaghan had a regular avian visitor every morning, the high-pitched voice of Sammy Sparrow.'

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1. a person who visits, as for reasons of friendship, business, duty, travel, or the like.

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"strings can be visitor."


Late Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French visitour, from Old French visiter (see visit).