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Thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom.
  1. 'It is not easy to paint a visionary future and also to chart the map that gets you there.'
  2. 'Pathology and pills don't offer a very visionary route to such imaginings.'
  3. 'When I spoke to one of the people behind this project, I was struck by its simplicity and by the visionary future paradigm that it is based on.'
  4. 'We keep saying that we are visionary world leaders, but our customers, for the most part, aren't buying it.'
  5. 'One expects them to be capable of imagining another, better future - a Utopian moment, a visionary book.'
  6. 'One of its founders, Professor Tony Robards, will explain how York's city leaders took bold and visionary steps to create a shared strategic vision, long before recent government initiatives.'
  7. 'The strongest photographs in the show have a mysterious, iconic power that seems to unite a difficult present and a visionary future.'
  8. 'During the coming months, AMT will presents visionary articles from leaders on the future of the arts and music.'
  9. 'These two visionary leaders forged an enduring relationship that has weathered many challenges from the Cold War to the terrorism we face today.'
  10. 'And that is why this ebullient, energetic and visionary leader suddenly became mute and reclusive.'
  11. '‘These hypothetical, visionary schemes will only act to deter tenants from investing in their businesses,’ he said.'
Relating to or having the ability to see visions in a dream or trance, or as a supernatural apparition.
  1. 'According to Hamburger, the devotional image develops in order to record and provoke the visionary experience cultivated by the nuns and, to a point, imitated by the laity.'
  2. 'Through Helforth, we initially learn that geometric images represent Natalia's quest for visionary states of experience.'
  3. 'For like the visionary nun, Claudia dreams extensively about Jesus' life.'
  4. 'Do your students have visionary dreams… which I like to call ‘Eddie Van Halen’ dreams?'
  5. 'Both by the solitary nature of her visionary experience and by the ecclesiastical condemnation, Joan was an outsider.'
  6. 'You don't have to be a particularly visionary or imaginative person to allow these tracks to generate the almost-hallucinatory feelings (we presume are) intended.'
  7. 'His interest in visionary experience, for example, can be traced back to early essays.'
  8. 'His visionary experience also stands between the mystical and the metaphorical, rather than straightforwardly purporting to be supernatural as in the case of Yeats.'
  9. 'Eventually she must have fallen asleep, but all she remembered was her strange visionary dream.'
  10. 'Legend has it that the very structure of the Forbidden City was conceived in a dream by Yung-lo's tutor, a visionary monk.'


A person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like.
  1. 'To judge from the number of documents that land on my desk each week concerning politics, urban planning and architecture, this is truly an age of great visionaries.'
  2. 'One might wonder if this strikes a blow against grassroots visionaries hoping to overhaul city government.'
  3. 'If one were to ask ten storage systems visionaries about the future, one would likely receive ten very divergent opinions.'
  4. 'They're not exactly visionaries looking to expand the genre.'
  5. 'As early as 1819, visionaries predicted cities would one day be lit by electricity.'
  6. 'The council could buy itself whatever future its visionaries saw fit.'
  7. 'In fact, it was hardly noticed at first, beyond a few visionaries who invented the form, and started fooling around with it.'
  8. 'The artists are the critics of culture and the visionaries that open up possibilities for the future.'
  9. 'From be-bop to jazz/rock fusion, he led the way, either by himself or in consort with a handful of other jazz visionaries.'
  10. 'Where are the visionaries who can change things?'


1. given to or characterized by fanciful, not presently workable, or unpractical ideas, views, or schemes: a visionary enthusiast.

2. given to or concerned with seeing visions.

3. belonging to or seen in a vision.

4. unreal; imaginary: visionary evils.

5. purely idealistic or speculative; impractical; unrealizable: a visionary scheme.

6. of, relating to, or proper to a vision. noun, plural visionaries.

7. a person of unusually keen foresight.

8. a person who see

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"aids can be visionary in areas."

"leaders can be visionary."

"leaderships can be visionary."

"experiences can be visionary."

"styles can be visionary."

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