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The faculty or state of being able to see.
  1. 'As the lights grew brighter, and his vision adjusted, Mark was able to make out a figure in the distance, running toward him.'
  2. 'Slowness influences not only Franklin's behaviour, but also his vision, his thought and his speech.'
  3. 'Humans, once they have been transformed, have a greater sense of smell, better vision, and elevated hearing.'
  4. 'They have keen hearing and good senses of vision and smell.'
  5. 'Some people have an unusually acute sense of vision, hearing, or smell, what psychologists call hyperesthesia.'
  6. 'Perception, whether through vision or any other sense, is an acquired taste.'
  7. 'Defective vision due to short sight or long sight can be corrected by wearing spectacles, contact lenses or by LASIK.'
  8. 'Soon, I was able to focus my vision and recognized a tall rose garden just outside the elevator exit through the open door of the cab.'
  9. 'A team of researchers exploring the eye's genetic make-up say they may have found a gene able to restore some vision in people who have gone blind.'
  10. 'This causes delayed reactions, decreased vision, impaired sensory perception and postural imbalance.'
  11. 'the box converts the digital signal into sound and vision on an ordinary TV'
  12. 'We literally had to control all the sound and vision as the continuity announcer would do.'
  13. 'The bulletin, about the third in 20 minutes, in vision, lasted no more than ten seconds.'
  14. 'The visitors will be able to read a news bulletin or operate the camera, sound, vision desks or autocue.'
  15. 'Reading the subtitles takes vision away from the image and allows one to leave the confines of the car.'
  16. 'By this time the BBC had moved to using the National Anthem as merely an accompaniment in sound to their revolving globe in vision.'
The ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.
  1. 'The future of such traffic decisions depends on what political vision will prevail.'
  2. 'But in reality language controls us, our vision, our imagination.'
  3. 'We need a Council with vision and the ability and willingness to make decisions on the issues presented not the people involved.'
  4. 'How can we change the terms of political debate to advance our own moral message and vision of a better future?'
  5. 'The wisdom we seek may be better found by enlisting vision and imagination rather than dismissing them.'
  6. 'Artistic vision, imagination and intuition seem poised in tense opposition to order and rationality.'
  7. 'We need a return to foresight and vision to plan for the Basingstoke of 2030.'
  8. 'Companies with the right vision can begin planning their future activities along these lines.'
  9. 'Just think what you could achieve with vision, imagination and drive.'
  10. 'Their vision, ability to make things happen, and possible charisma make Directors ideal leaders.'
  11. 'a utopian vision of society'
  12. 'If the business could not sustain itself, they would not be able to fulfil their vision of making all the world's information easily available to users without charge.'
  13. 'City's board of directors unveiled their future vision, after revealing details of the deal which means the club can stay at its current home.'
  14. 'It formally backed the plans of York City Council to create a strategic planning vision for the future of the city.'
  15. 'Instead of his artistic ambitions being welcomed, his plans and his vision were distrusted, or simply misunderstood.'
  16. 'Utopias hold out for a vision of the future - a vision of how society ought to be.'
  17. 'They also acknowledged his clear plans for the future and his vision for the business and the dairy industry.'
  18. 'This is the starkest, most distopian vision of a wireless future imaginable.'
  19. 'Their efforts for educational advancement lack clear perception of the present and a flawed vision of the future.'
  20. 'His document looks at the country's declining birth rate and the continuing brain drain and presents an apocalyptic vision of the future in Scotland.'
  21. 'Of course we need a long range plan / vision to guide us.'
An experience of seeing someone or something in a dream or trance, or as a supernatural apparition.
  1. 'As if he had captured his fantastic dreams and visions and put them on canvas, Dalí was a master and a pioneer of the surrealistic movement.'
  2. 'From the earliest times, both traditions have learned caution regarding possible visions or apparitions of Christ that do not clearly manifest the five wounds of His passion and death.'
  3. 'While in Auxerre Abbey he experienced a vision in which Saint Germain instructed him to find Selby and build an abbey there.'
  4. 'The first outcome of this is their book, Philosophy of Madness, where six of the club's poets-users talk about their visions, fears, dreams and life.'
  5. 'While Muldrow's dream visions have an element of danger, more often than not they are beneficial to and symbolic of his practical challenges.'
  6. 'This transformation, displayed in haunting dream sequences and eerie visions, makes for some genuinely frightening and heart-stopping moments.'
  7. 'Didn't anyone anywhere else, in any other period of history, experience dreams, visions, prophecies of God?'
  8. 'Ms Vine and Ms Kitson use trances and visions, clairvoyance, dowsing and psychometry trying to pick up stories in the mind from objects to uncover any paranormal activity.'
  9. 'Through it, man no longer sees his source reflected in the world, or dreams, visions and voices, but experiences it directly.'
  10. 'Fields, an artist from Winston-Salem, N.C., reportedly produces his work while experiencing visions in a trance.'
  11. 'he had visions of becoming the Elton John of his time'
  12. 'When my new baby turned out to be a girl, I had visions of female warriorship for her future.'
  13. 'I suddenly had visions of having to mow around Bruno.'
  14. 'I've had planters and hanging baskets crying out for plants but the weather has been so awful I had visions of all the little plants being washed away or pelted to death in the one or two hail storms we had.'
  15. 'When she still hadn't reappeared later on this afternoon, I had visions of her having a supersized rocket strapped to her and her being launched skywards, a ball of singed fur and flame.'
  16. 'In the beginning, I had visions of a fabulous, sweeping, Perspex spiral staircase, ignorant of the fact that this would cost about £35,000.'
  17. 'When I was much younger, I had visions of cities in the sky, monorails, jet pack travel, houses that cleaned themselves and yes, flying cars.'
  18. 'He had visions of managing a world-class superstar in the vein of Tom Jones.'
  19. 'My vision is to be able to take the thoughts and data from a dying brain and transfer them into another body without opening the skull.'
  20. 'But when we came home in January my daydreams became very morbid and I constantly had visions of David in great pain, screaming in agony and us being unable to help.'
  21. 'I had visions of a new section at the end of the programme, in which Huw changed into a nice comfy sweater and sat in an armchair while replying to a query from Myrtle in Oxfordshire about her husband's lack of interest in sex.'
A person or sight of unusual beauty.
  1. 'In life, the girl is disfigured and disabled but after death she is turned into a vision of health and beauty.'
  2. 'It was said to be a vision of surreal beauty, though evil beyond a child's wildest dreams.'
  3. 'Television floods our sight with visions of beauty and wealth, whether from America or Russia or Japan - wherever there is power.'
  4. 'A perfect vision of beauty, made everlasting by its creator so many countless years ago.'
  5. 'And then the man appeared before them - a vision of beauty, he rose out of the river, more water creature than man.'
  6. 'There are only so many times we can look at the directors vision of ideal beauty through a soft focus and not get annoyed.'
  7. 'Having spent many happy days climbing and scrambling on this mountain I can think of scores of views that would present a majestic vision of natures beauty.'
  8. 'It means that, whenever we choose, we can allow Best Mate to gallop through our unsullied memories, a vision whose beauty cannot be besmirched.'
  9. 'Just last night it was a vision of beauty awaiting Santa's arrival.'
  10. 'The pure white plumage was reflected perfectly - a shimmering vision of heavenly beauty.'


  1. 'So I hit ‘play’ and filled the car with pipe music, visioning the brave sounds echoing about the hills.'
  2. 'He was visioning the scene at the airport with Vivian.'
  3. 'One chapter, darkly visioning Conrad's clinch with his dead ex-partner's mother, is remarkable and truly shocking.'

More definitions

1. the act or power of sensing with the eyes; sight.

2. the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be: prophetic vision; the vision of an entrepreneur.

3. an experience in which a personage, thing, or event appears vividly or credibly to the mind, although not actually present, often under the influence of a divine or other agency: a heavenly messenger appearing in a vision. Compare hallucination (def 1).

4. something seen or otherwise perceived during such a

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Middle English (denoting a supernatural apparition): via Old French from Latin visio(n-), from videre ‘to see’.