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Able to be seen.
  1. 'Newly-erected wind turbines on the Braes of Doune, Perthshire are visible 10 miles away in Bannockburn.'
  2. 'More than 180 firefighters fought a blaze that melted cars and lorries, saw half the town evacuated and sent up a plume of smoke that was visible 15 miles away.'
  3. 'If sufficient, the firm is planning to build a wind farm of up to 30 turbines which, at 90 metres high, would be visible for miles around.'
  4. 'The day was super clear, yet York wasn't visible at 30 miles.'
  5. 'With sails unfurled, Cosmos 1 will be bright enough to be easily visible to the naked eye.'
  6. 'Some say it is visible 34 miles away on a clear day.'
  7. 'You can't miss it - it's a bright, pinkish-tinted ‘star’, easily visible even near street lamps.'
  8. 'It still was freezing outside, and the same mountains still were visible 20 miles to the east.'
  9. 'It is visible for miles around due to its medieval tower, known by the locals as le tour Anglais.'
  10. 'The horse, visible from many miles away across the Vale of York, is 340 feet long and 228 feet high, and covers about an acre.'
  11. 'Towering above the frankly nondescript suburbs of a frankly nondescript town, the Big Swan stadium was visible from miles away.'
  12. 'In the forty miles of landscape visible from the hilltop, those two towers were the only buildings in sight.'
  13. 'the visible spectrum'
  14. 'What's the best technique for defining features smaller than a wavelength of visible light?'
  15. 'By the time they reach the Earth, many photons have wavelengths that are out of the range of visible light or are even too large to be detected.'
  16. 'a visible improvement'
  17. 'This link need not be the most prominent on the homepage, but it should be present and easily visible.'
  18. 'The outline of the outer walls of the cottage is easily visible as a brace of teenagers scratch away at the earth.'
  19. 'First-year pine seedlings, grown in the greenhouse in southern Finland, will set an easily visible terminal bud toward the end of the summer.'
  20. 'In practice many basalts also contain easily visible crystals of feldspar, pyroxene, olivine, or amphibole.'
  21. 'The swelling protrudes and is easily visible; its blackish coloring gives the disease its name: the Black Death.'
  22. 'In the illustration the water was clear, so each feature of the dugong was easily visible.'
  23. '‘The cafe is at the front and easily visible through the clear glass frontages and so is a very open and welcoming environment,’ he said.'
  24. 'She hasn't got a bad back or broken leg or some other easily visible form of injury.'
  25. 'Too many people leave windows and doors open or unlocked; leave attractive or valuable items easily visible; make the assumption that all will remain intact.'
  26. 'A visible change was noticed in places where the public gathered.'
  27. 'By contrast, urban murals appear rarely on private homes, but rather on public buildings and highly visible enclosure walls.'
  28. 'By 1824 enough states had opened the presidential election process to popular vote that there could be a visible measure of the public's opinion.'
  29. 'If we have an allegation that is so visible to the public and the person is such a role model, then it seems to me only appropriate that we investigate that.'
  30. 'But most of its output was nothing like that: it was drab, ordinary, commercial style programming with no visible public service value.'
  31. 'A spokesperson for the airport managers said that while he could not go into detail, some measures would be visible to the public while others would not.'
  32. 'But he is easily the most visible behaviorist, based on citation frequency and surveys of influential behavioral scientists.'
  33. 'While one of the most visible public figures in Venezuela, Ms. Machado is sparing with details about her personal life, one of comfort and privilege.'
  34. 'He has linked up with a building society to offer the Lifetime Account, a with-profits pension scheme with all the workings visible to the public - or almost all.'
  35. 'And finally, it must be asked: has Takahashi ever felt the sting of racism in her position as a high-profile visible minority media figure?'
  36. 'He is 16 years younger than Craig Brewster but there have been games in which it has been O'Connor who has been the more visible, prominent member of the partnership.'
Relating to imports or exports of tangible commodities.
  1. 'German wages are in fact too low, they argue, for if they were not, the country would not have a visible trade surplus year in, year out.'
  2. 'The music has become one of America's most visible and vital exports.'


Visible imports or exports.


    1. that can be seen; perceptible to the eye: mountains visible in the distance.

    2. apparent; manifest; obvious: a man with no visible means of support.

    3. being constantly or frequently in the public view; conspicuous: a visible political position.

    4. noting or pertaining to a system of keeping records or information on cards or sheets in such a way that the desired reference can be brought instantly to view: a visible index.

    5. Commerce. available or accessible; alrea

    More examples(as adjective)

    "forces can be visible on streets."

    "trends can be visible by ends."

    "strengths can be visible in quarters."

    "people can be visible to eyes."

    "logos can be visible on bats."

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    Middle English: from Old French, or from Latin visibilis, from videre ‘to see’.