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Having a glutinous or sticky consistency.
  1. 'The presence of copious quantity of viscid mucus in the airways predisposes patients to frequent pulmonary infections, mainly due to Pseudomonas aeruginosa leading to a chronic neutrophil-dominated inflammation.'
  2. 'Eccrine sweat glands produce a watery secretion, whereas apocrine secretion is more viscid.'
  3. 'It is not difficult to imagine that once pleural fluid has turned into frank pus, which is viscid and sticky, that simply removing loculations will not necessarily lead to efficient drainage.'
  4. 'Finally, a variety of invertebrates secrete viscid secretions as part of a reported ‘duo-gland’ adhesion.'
  5. 'These rewards include pseudopollen, wax or a viscid, resinous material secreted by the labellum and floral nectar.'
  6. 'My hands burned with the warm, viscid crimson of my father's blood and I found myself morbidly wondering if I would feel such erotic satisfaction each time I took a life.'
  7. 'Mixed rain and snow swirled thick about them like a promise of violence; the night-black water lay deep and viscid with cold, and seemed to suck at the whaler as though wishing to swallow it into black oblivion and sea-death.'
  8. 'Rubbery and viscid, this silk stretches up to about three times its length when pulled on and takes a good deal of abuse before breaking - an important quality in a material responsible for entangling prey.'
  9. 'No degree of description can match the drama of seeing tadpoles progress from lacking forelimbs to froglets and succeed in transforming as a pool is reduced to viscid, then cracked, mud.'


1. having a glutinous consistency; sticky; adhesive; viscous.

2. Botany. covered by a sticky substance.

More examples(as adjective)

"secretions can be viscid."

"messes can be viscid."

"hydras can be viscid."


Mid 17th century: from late Latin viscidus, from Latin viscum ‘birdlime’.