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(of a disease or poison) extremely severe or harmful in its effects.
  1. 'the poison is so virulent that it kills a fish instantly'
  2. 'And so massive amounts of radioactivity spewed out in an invisible cloud which spread the most virulent poison all over the land.'
  3. 'Not every fever or cough is likely to be this virulent pneumonia.'
  4. 'But the episode reveals how far this virulent disease has spread through the body corporate.'
  5. 'A preliminary investigation found that the symptoms displayed by the victims were similar to those caused by a virulent poison used to kill rats.'
  6. '36 patients in five Montreal hospitals have died from a virulent infection, officials confirmed Friday.'
  7. 'Unless there was an extremely virulent strain of influenza going around, it might not be worth the risk.'
  8. 'There is no question that the outbreak of SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) has focused the world's attention on the dangers of how easily a virulent disease can spread around the globe.'
  9. 'One little sip of this antidote would have rendered the most virulent poisons of the Borgias innocuous.'
  10. 'Here is a woman who is trying to defeat a horribly virulent disease in rice, one that destroys millions of acres in Asia, and she's using molecular techniques to do it.'
  11. 'The court and all those able to move into the countryside prudently did so, as the disease was less virulent there.'
  12. 'Five to 15 days after exposure a pneumonia that is not very different from other less virulent pneumonias acquired in the community (outside a hospital) develops.'
  13. 'He said that this disease is virulent enough to kill all of the birds in a short period of time.'
  14. 'The paper reflects a major step forward in the study of how some of the world's most virulent viruses, such as West Nile, SARS, Ebola and Hepatitis C interact with their hosts.'
  15. 'They're seem to spread like a virulent disease.'
  16. 'Bijerinck disproved this theory when he showed that the sap could successively transmit the fully virulent disease through a large number of plant generations.'
  17. 'On the last days, I inoculated Joseph Meister with the most virulent virus of rabies.'
  18. 'Malaria, introduced after 1650, became the Chesapeake's most virulent pathogen.'
  19. 'Labs are rated on a scale of one to four, four being the highest level of containment where the nastiest, most virulent pathogens are handled.'
  20. 'Concerning biotic stress, plants exposed to virulent and avirulent pathogens respond with a range of defence- and damage-limiting mechanisms.'
  21. 'Such systemic immunity provides the plant with an effective state of acquired resistance throughout its different organs against subsequent attack by a broad spectrum of virulent pathogens.'
  22. 'This intense thriller follows the survivors of a deadly and virulent virus which wipes out London and possibly most of the world.'
Bitterly hostile.
  1. 'What surprised me most about that election year was the amazingly virulent attacks on Gore from the left.'
  2. 'It becomes more obvious that the options the two Parties present to the electorate, offer the unenviable choice between a raging toothache, a migraine, and a virulent attack of the Farmer's.'
  3. 'His supporters also launched a virulent attack on Kemp.'
  4. 'If you weren't contaminated before, you'll be in close contact with long-lived virulent nasties soon's you handle one of those magazines.'
  5. 'Bhisham Sahni's ‘Saag Meat’ is a gentle but virulent attack on the hypocrisy that affluent middle class India continues to live its life with.'
  6. 'E. A. Freeman's virulent attacks on J. A. Froude for inadequacy in using archives are similarly to be recognized as rhetoric.'
  7. 'For many, the combination of virulent radicalism and reasoned temperament is wholly seductive, and attacks upon Chomsky by conservatives and centrists have only granted him a martyr's aura.'
  8. 'In speaking to Nazi friends, I've reproached them for the virulent anti-Semitism in their societies.'
  9. 'Ezra Pound's virulent anti-Semitism, his radio broadcasts and tracts in support of Mussolini, stand as potent reminders of the limits and dangers of the human imagination.'
  10. 'The more virulent attacks come from Western intellectuals.'


1. actively poisonous; intensely noxious: a virulent insect bite.

2. Medicine/Medical. highly infective; malignant or deadly.

3. Bacteriology. causing clinical symptoms.

4. violently or spitefully hostile.

5. intensely bitter, spiteful, or malicious: a virulent attack.

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"violences can be virulent during periods."

"deaths can be virulent in years."

"animuses can be virulent from firsts."

"attacks can be virulent."

"strains can be virulent."

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Late Middle English (originally describing a poisoned wound): from Latin virulentus, from virus ‘poison’ (see virus).