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A bluish-green pigment consisting of hydrated chromium hydroxide.
  1. 'The paintings of this third and continuing phase, elaborated in the artist's hallmark palette of ochre, ultramarine, sienna and viridian, carry a sharp whiff of pine from the Shivaliks, the Himalayan foothills.'
  2. 'The raucous viridian calls attention to the refined greenery of the garden, and in contrast the grave sound of the purplish nettles, in the foreground, orchestrate the simple poem.'

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1. a long-lasting, bluish-green pigment, consisting of a hydrated oxide of chromium.

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"hues can be viridian."

"greens can be viridian."


Late 19th century: from Latin viridis ‘green’ (from virere ‘be green’) + -ian.