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Using or involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.
  1. 'This new workers' organisation was forced into violent confrontation with the state.'
  2. 'As well as looking into unexpected or violent deaths in their district, the coroner inquires into finds of treasure.'
  3. 'While the overwhelming majority aim to be peaceful there are fears that some protests may turn violent.'
  4. 'Not because he might turn violent - he has never been violent towards me - but he often conceals things from me.'
  5. 'The inquest heard she was subjected to ‘a number of violent physical assaults’.'
  6. 'Boxing, with all its physical and violent dimensions, is considered a man's sport.'
  7. 'Extra security staff will be on call when a GP thinks a patient could turn violent.'
  8. 'She carries a small wooden truncheon tucked up her sleeve in case her customers turn violent.'
  9. 'At one point, things threatened to turn violent, but police arrived and calmed the volatile situation down.'
  10. 'I've watched violent films, read about murderers and I think I'm a pretty normal person.'
  11. 'This was a short, violent incident during much of which the deceased was, it seems, struggling vigorously.'
  12. 'There have been violent and, tragically, fatal incidents in the past.'
  13. 'The area in which the family live is a violent one with drugs and alcohol abuse prevalent.'
  14. 'The immediate aftermath was a series of violent and damaging strikes.'
  15. 'The training patrol turned out be a challenging exercise due to a violent dust storm.'
  16. 'Indulge in music, sex, dance, exercise, violent video games, bright lights, whatever.'
  17. 'It is still more appalling that they were responsible for violent and shameful abuses.'
  18. 'It is facile to attribute the increase in violent crime during this period to the moratorium on executions.'
  19. 'Tphysically assaulted a member of staff in a violent and uncontrolled manner.'
  20. 'Governments sometimes changed quickly with the all too often violent overthrow of the regime in power.'
(especially of an emotion or a destructive natural force) very strong or powerful.
  1. 'the violent eruption killed 1,700 people'
  2. 'If everything was not perfect, he could fly into a violent rage.'
  3. 'I bent over to pick her up, but with a sudden spasm of violent energy she angrily pushed herself off.'
  4. 'What would make them turn to such violent and destructive actions to destroy their own country.'
  5. 'No other individual currently on our screens and in our tabloids can solicit such violent hatred from my otherwise amiable self.'
  6. 'The violent movement produces powerful shockwaves traveling at the speed of sound.'
  7. 'In these situations jealousy can seem like a logical reaction to an emotionally violent incident.'
  8. 'Anger is an emotional state that varies in intensity, ranging from mild irritation to violent rage.'
  9. 'He projected his own violent moods on to the canvas in red and green.'
  10. 'The most violent impulses of young soldiers have been played upon and promoted.'
  11. 'This in turn has led to violent resentment on the part of those left out.'
  12. 'Van Gogh expressed psychological turmoil through expressionist contrasts of violent colour.'
  13. 'Well Dave, it could be a trick of the light, but it looks like you are developing a "island gut" under that violent orange shirt'


1. acting with or characterized by uncontrolled, strong, rough force: a violent earthquake.

2. caused by injurious or destructive force: a violent death.

3. intense in force, effect, etc.; severe; extreme: violent pain; violent cold.

4. roughly or immoderately vehement or ardent: violent passions.

5. furious in impetuosity, energy, etc.: violent haste.

6. of, relating to, or constituting a distortion of meaning or fact.

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"students can be violent in ways."

"people can be violent at people."

"manies can be violent for children."

"histories can be violent as places."

"worlds can be violent by remainses."

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Middle English (in the sense ‘having a marked or powerful effect’): via Old French from Latin violent- ‘vehement, violent’.