Adjective "violative" definition and examples

Definitions and examples


  1. 'Such assessments depend on interpretation, but they allow for debate and justification, and clear instances of violative behavior could be quickly identified.'
  2. 'However the claims of the developers are laced with lies and is suspected to be violative of the biosafety regulations.'
  3. 'All this goes against the spirit of the Constitution and is also violative of the letter of the law.'
  4. 'If community standards of good taste are substituted for principles of free speech, does that amount to censorship violative of academic freedom?'
  5. 'So far, he said, the inspection data are preliminary, but ‘there were only a small fraction of firms found to be violative.’'
  6. 'Civil penalties and criminal prosecutions of individuals may be appropriate in individual cases of egregiously violative or criminal behavior.'
  7. 'The violative rate for manufacturers of medical devices is 500 times that of manufacturers of pharmaceutical products.'
  8. 'An investigating committee concluded that the administration had dismissed two professors for reasons violative of their academic freedom.'
  9. 'But the criminal's violative conduct is not private - to the contrary, it is a subject of intense public concern.'
  10. 'If this occurs, violative residues may result.'


1. involving violation.

More examples(as adjective)

"conducts can be violative."