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A plantation of grapevines, typically producing grapes used in winemaking.
  1. 'Some wineries may even tell you the specific vineyard that the grapes had been grown.'
  2. 'Each commandery had its vineyard or vineyards: hence the name of the modern dessert wine from Cyprus.'
  3. 'I got off the cart without help for once because everyone was deep in the vineyards harvesting the grapes.'
  4. 'Vintners know that a second squeezing of a fine vineyard's grapes can still produce a respectable if somewhat tannic wine.'
  5. 'They are all from the same producer, same grape, same region, but different vintages and vineyards.'
  6. 'It is a blend of usually the three best recent vintages, from the best vineyards and the best grapes.'
  7. 'Originally the farm had been a vineyard, like most farms in Catalunya.'
  8. 'Solomon made mention of how foxes were damaging to vineyards, consuming ripe grapes.'
  9. 'He and the winery owner were out in a vineyard looking at what the Californian said was Pinot blanc.'
  10. 'Not all of my colleagues travel as much, but I reckon it's essential to visit vineyards and interview winemakers.'
  11. 'It's all very well to give young people their chance, but they should have laboured a bit in the parliamentary vineyard.'
  12. 'They have not laboured in the vineyard long enough to accept the dynamics of the struggle that he has been engaged in.'

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1. a plantation of grapevines, especially one producing grapes for winemaking.

2. a sphere of activity, especially on a high spiritual plane.

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