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Disappear suddenly and completely.
  1. 'Just before he vanished around the corner, I called out to him.'
  2. 'She vanished from the family home on Saturday, February 16 last year.'
  3. 'He had vanished from work on July 21 last year leaving his jacket on the back of his chair, his name tag on the desk and his car locked up in his consultant's parking bay.'
  4. 'Police say there is still no trace of a York civil servant who went mysteriously vanished almost four weeks ago.'
  5. 'He smiles back instantly, then the smile vanishes quickly as Ben turns to face him.'
  6. 'The suspected killer, who vanished from the scene soon after the attack, was described as being black, about six feet tall, and of a skinny build.'
  7. 'His joy and happiness had vanished in that instant; his jittery, excited spirit was gone.'
  8. 'Her words trailed off to a whisper as she suddenly vanished into nowhere.'
  9. 'I was confident until the moment I took my turn and stood there alone in front of the class, when the lyrics suddenly vanished from my brain.'
  10. 'However, after being put out to cool, the pie mysteriously vanished without trace.'
  11. 'the environment is under threat—hedgerows and woodlands are vanishing'
  12. 'Natural prey is vanishing in the dwindling forests, resulting in leopards hunting cattle and people for food.'
  13. 'The message to be learnt from this festival could be that the reading habit has vanished from our homes, while books are safe in libraries.'
  14. 'It is one thing to acknowledge the existence of powerful homogenizing tendencies in the world, but it is quite another to assert that the cultural diversity existing on our planet is destined to vanish.'
  15. 'The salmon vanished from the Swiss Rhine by the 1930s and from the German Rhine by the 1950s.'
  16. 'Springs will all have vanished, all the rivers will cease foaming.'
  17. 'The ideals which he stood for have vanished from society.'
  18. 'By the time I entered graduate school, the sense of bewilderment had vanished.'
  19. 'As he put more distance between him and his family, the ache in his bones gradually vanished.'
Become zero.
  1. 'In mathematics, a root (or a zero) of a complex-valued function f is a member x of the domain of f such that f(x) vanishes at x.'

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1. to disappear from sight, especially quickly; become invisible: The frost vanished when the sun came out.

2. to go away, especially furtively or mysteriously; disappear by quick departure: The thief vanished in the night.

3. to disappear by ceasing to exist; come to an end: The pain vanished after he took an aspirin.

4. Mathematics. (of a number, quantity, or function) to become zero. verb (used with object)

5. to cause to disappear. noun

6. Ph

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"worlds can be vanished."

"ages can be vanished."

"pasts can be vanished."

"forevers can be vanished."

"buildings can be vanished."

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(vanish)Middle English: shortening of Old French e(s)vaniss-, lengthened stem of e(s)vanir, from Latin evanescere ‘die away’.