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Deliberately destroy or damage (public or private property)
  1. 'They have vandalised property, strewn litter and intimidated staff and residents.'
  2. 'Almost every night drunken youngsters are shouting abuse at their neighbours and vandalising property.'
  3. 'This teacher went to jail and lost her job after tackling a bunch of youths who'd been terrorising her and vandalising her property.'
  4. 'The top floor of the unit was vandalised, with damage understood to have run into thousands of pounds.'
  5. 'Windows had been broken, houses pelted by eggs and apples, cars damaged and property vandalised.'
  6. 'I watched as they vandalized school property and damaged just about everything inside that classroom.'
  7. 'After years of asking the locals not to congregate in front of his business, he confronted a group he believed vandalized some of his property.'
  8. 'Vandals have wrecked trees and vandalised a bus stop in a quiet residential street.'
  9. 'A Bradford clergyman has condemned the ‘malicious’ acts of vandals who show lack of respect and vandalise church property.'
  10. 'Some young people get drunk and vandalise property.'

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1. to destroy or deface by vandalism: Someone vandalized the museum during the night.

More examples(as adjective)

"memorials can be vandalised in/at/on times."

"mosques can be vandalised by monks."

"dates can be vandalised for times."

"parts can be vandalised."

"properties can be vandalised."

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