Adjective "valvular" definition and examples



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Relating to, having, or acting as a valve or valves.
  1. 'three pairs of valvular apertures'
  2. 'Narrowing of the arteries and valvular disease of the heart both replace the relative quiet of smooth blood flow with the gurgles of turbulence.'
  3. 'Echocardiograms did not reveal left heart dysfunction or valvular disease in any patient.'


1. having the form or function of a valve.

2. operating by a valve or valves.

3. of or relating to a valve or valves, especially of the heart.

More examples(as adjective)

"insufficiencies can be valvular."

"diseases can be valvular."


Late 18th century: from modern Latin valvula (diminutive of Latin valva ‘leaf of a door’) + -ar.