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A person whose job is to estimate the value of something that is to be purchased.
  1. 'Revaluations were undertaken every five years by certified government valuers from the Valuation unit of the Ministry of Land and Surveys.'
  2. 'They were not only shown houses and apartments, but written valuations by supposedly reputable valuers.'
  3. 'If the valuer says that the resale value is reduced, I have a decision to make.'
  4. 'Concerns have been raised that livestock valuers and farmers have colluded to increase the value of animals culled during the crisis, a national newspaper has reported.'
  5. 'The fund must be valued every three years and, if the expert valuers say there isn't enough money, employers have to increase their contributions to the scheme.'
  6. 'This would include agreeing on a specific valuer or valuers who would carry out the valuation.'
  7. 'Objectors are appointing property valuers who in turn appoint technical and legal advisers.'
  8. 'The next step is to arrange for a valuer to visit the property on your behalf and to confirm that it is suitable to be used as security for mortgage purposes.'
  9. 'The valuer knows that 90 per cent of purchasers in fact rely on a mortgage valuation and do not commission their own survey.'
  10. 'The lending institution should have a panel of valuers so if one is too high, ask for another estimate.'

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1. British. an appraiser.

2. a person who values.

More examples(as adjective)

"grants can be valuers."

"associates can be valuers."