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Having no value; worthless.
  1. 'Doing so would mean that a product that has a value becomes valueless.'
  2. 'To her, and many of her classmates, some of the traditional values are almost valueless and not worth mentioning.'
  3. 'There are worse things to take into adulthood than a student debt - such as a valueless degree, and an impoverished outlook on life.'
  4. 'Even idle speculation may not be quite valueless if it is recognized for what it is.'
  5. 'Punishment for its own sake is always a valueless process, which corrects nothing and only serves to vent the pent-up rage of the person or people inflicting it.'
  6. 'Yes, design competitions are often flawed, but I did say flawed and not utterly misguided and valueless or irredeemably corrupt.'
  7. 'So, just who are these people who think that I am valueless?'
  8. 'Experiences are so often described as ‘life-changing’ that the adjective seems clichéd, almost valueless.'
  9. 'But that does not mean that non-operable forest is valueless.'
  10. 'They're worthless as commodities, but not valueless to humankind.'


1. without worth or value; worthless: valueless stocks; a valueless promise.

More examples(as adjective)

"opinions can be valueless in respects."

"moneys can be valueless to people."

"forests can be valueless as grounds."

"moneys can be valueless."

"people can be valueless."

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