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An estimation of the worth of something, especially one carried out by a professional valuer.
  1. 'They also charge a valuation fee upfront for inspecting the property.'
  2. 'It is accepted that the Claimant did not provide any independent valuations of the Strip and the Back Land.'
  3. 'The valuation was carried out by the Scottish Executive civil servants earlier this year.'
  4. 'Probably the easiest way of determining this is to obtain a valuation in writing from a chartered surveyor.'
  5. 'If you have a smaller mortgage it will probably be best if you go for a mortgage that offers a free valuation - if not free legal fees.'
  6. 'Several valuation methods are in use, each with its own set of potential biases.'
  7. 'Must he obtain professional valuations of all his goods and chattels?'
  8. 'Ask the bank who is an approved valuer on their valuation panel, and get the valuation done yourself.'
  9. 'After valuation, the owner and experts will decide whether the item should go forward to auction.'
  10. 'Our Government's Valuation Officer will also make a valuation based on prevailing market prices.'
  11. 'they will lend up to 95 per cent of the valuation'
  12. 'That was more the story of the bubble years where arguably we did see a number of people come to the market, simply because valuations were sky high.'
  13. 'And the public markets simply can't get the same valuations as private equity is paying.'
  14. 'He says valuations have been hammered by venture capitalists.'
  15. 'Higher interest rates would well undermine present asset valuations.'
  16. 'Your job can also depend on the markets as companies use their valuation and the issue of new shares to borrow capital to expand.'
  17. 'Shareholders should hold faith now that valuations in the technology sector are starting to rebound, it says.'
  18. 'Therefore, those shares with a valuation above the two market averages could be considered to be expensive.'
  19. 'They will be hoping that valuations will improve in the next two years as stock markets recover, analysts said.'
  20. 'Those three companies alone saw £2.4bn wiped off their market valuations.'
  21. 'The markets are looking very different now, and valuations have fallen.'

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1. the act of estimating or setting the value of something; appraisal.

2. an estimated value or worth.

3. the awareness or acknowledgment of the quality, nature, excellence, or the like of something: public valuation of the importance of education.

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