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Check or prove the validity or accuracy of.
  1. 'Also important was whether the instruments used for temperature measurement were tested for accuracy to validate the data.'
  2. 'Those parts can be used to validate the accuracy of other test results and to explain any abnormal or unexpected results.'
  3. 'It is therefore important that researchers both describe their methodology accurately and validate it using independent data.'
  4. 'This threshold, however, is still arbitrary and has never been evaluated, let alone validated by appropriate methods.'
  5. 'The stability of DNA when held in a suspension is another important factor in validating the method.'
  6. 'The results also validate previously reported randomised controlled trial data.'
  7. 'The survey was validated by social scientists and taken seriously because of its rigour.'
  8. 'More work is required to validate available methods for estimating field density and moisture conditions for various material types, construction standards and drainage conditions.'
  9. 'Our outcome research will not only validate what we intuitively know but will surface areas of needed improvement.'
  10. 'And, of course, many parts of this new technology still need to be validated in the clinical setting.'
  11. 'acclaim was seen as a means of validating one's existence'
  12. 'It gives viewers a genuine view of Somali women and at the same time validates their existence in a time when their stories are smothered with silence.'
  13. 'On the one hand, the story validates feminism by proving that some women can be as good as men.'
  14. 'Although rap has tied them to a heritage that validates their existence, it has yet to improve their economic reality.'
  15. 'Family members are helped to understand and validate the values and perspectives of other members.'
  16. 'Creating life is one way to validate your existence.'
  17. 'Museums help validate the value, importance and legitimacy of these objects, as do critics and hangers on.'
  18. 'The results also continue to validate the value of the program.'
  19. 'Stay-at-home Pops like me enthusiastically welcome this affirmation; it validates the decision to let our salaried lives fall by the wayside in favor of raising our kids.'
  20. 'I am also interested in making work that documents our stories and celebrates and validates our existence to ourselves and our communities.'
  21. 'In making an appeal to others to join me in my pursuit of justice I validate myself and my values.'
  22. 'Now that their new postgraduate archaeology course has been validated, Orkney College would like to hear from students interested in studying archaeology in Orkney.'
  23. 'The ballot slips had to be signed to validate the vote but fears were raised in the run up to the election that voters did not understand instructions on the papers.'
  24. 'This course is validated by Limpert's Academy, who are the leading body in the world of Interior Design.'
  25. 'A higher education institute provides courses that are validated by the Higher Education Training and Awards Council.'
  26. 'Read the institutions' prospectuses carefully and note if a course is accredited or validated by a respected professional body.'
  27. 'Today's informed consumers are demanding that the competence of licensed professionals be validated throughout their career.'
  28. 'Certification could help these professionals validate their professional credentials gained through experience and training.'
  29. 'The college is one of about 16 institutions across China offering courses validated by the Glasgow-based exam body.'
  30. 'Together with her colleagues, she created a degree course in movement studies validated by London University.'
  31. 'Courses are validated under a national Recognition Scheme run by the Quality Assurance Agency.'
  32. 'without Patti to validate my feelings, they seemed not to exist'
  33. 'But, as my friend says, I don't need a man to validate me.'
  34. 'The Internet is a uniquely helpful venue in which to validate feelings of anger, fear, and uncertainty.'
  35. 'People only want what validates their own sense of self.'
  36. 'They hope the project will connect more women like them, validate their feelings and reveal an important chapter in Iowa history.'
  37. 'Gossip helps validate feelings.'
  38. 'You are slightly insecure, and need to be constantly validated and praised by your lover in order to feel good about the relationship.'
  39. 'What the child is communicating are feelings of anger, frustration, and disappointment - all feelings that need to be acknowledged and validated.'
  40. 'It is essential to validate the youngster's needs instead of just disregarding him or her.'
  41. 'By taking these topics seriously we are validating the opinions of extremely stupid people.'
  42. 'Everything is good - I don't need Robbie to validate my life.'
  43. 'It's as if he feels the need to validate himself as a "serious" artist, but has mistaken a certain affected intimacy of approach for thoughtfulness and dramatic substance.'

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1. to make valid; substantiate; confirm: Time validated our suspicions.

2. to give legal force to; legalize.

3. to give official sanction, confirmation, or approval to, as elected officials, election procedures, documents, etc.: to validate a passport.

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"bodies can be validating."

"courses can be validating."

"expectations can be validating."

"roles can be validating."

"functions can be validating."

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(validate)Mid 17th century (in the sense ‘make legally valid’): from medieval Latin validat- ‘made legally valid’, from the verb validare, from Latin validus (see valid).