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Serving as a farewell.
  1. 'As we move towards the end of this Parliament, with questions finishing today and people doing valedictory speeches, people are looking forward to getting out on the hustings.'
  2. '‘It used to worry me greatly that there are always people in an audience who are unmoved, unreached by what I do,’ she wrote in her diary of her valedictory year.'
  3. 'Some of the songs were previewed on the group's 2003 valedictory tour, while others have never been publicly aired.'
  4. 'Its melancholy cranes are lit at night not as a sign of vitality but as a valedictory salute to an industrial past for which most Glaswegians - particularly those who never banged a rivet - are nostalgic.'
  5. 'Historians argue over the significance of these valedictory meditations.'
  6. 'Some men rested inside the reception counter and office rooms, while some others added final touches to the venue for the valedictory session.'
  7. 'The new album draws its main inspiration from the band's annual tours of the Highlands and islands, much of it - aptly enough - striking an elegiac or valedictory note.'
  8. 'The final valedictory service will be held on Saturday starting at 7pm in the Cook Street hall, to mark a community link which goes back 114 years.'
  9. 'They will take part in activities like memory games, personality development modules and even stage a Shakespeare play on the valedictory function on Saturday, the organisers said.'
  10. 'Wolfenden High School, built in 1913 to hold 900 pupils, held a special valedictory service yesterday to mark its closure.'


A farewell address.
  1. 'He delivered his talk as a kind of valedictory, describing his 16 year tenure at the institution.'
  2. 'In his valedictory, Barry refused to rule out a return to column-writing.'
  3. 'All I can say is that I hope the previous member is proud of that speech, because it will be his valedictory.'
  4. 'Some members are suggesting this is my valedictory, but it just goes to show how ridiculous some of the statistics really are.'
  5. 'How sad it is to write this brief valedictory for this senator who never abandoned the fiery passions that first fueled his entry into politics.'


1. bidding goodbye; saying farewell: a valedictory speech.

2. of or relating to an occasion of leave-taking: a valedictory ceremony. noun, plural valedictories.

3. an address or oration delivered at the commencement exercises of a college or school on behalf of the graduating class.

4. any farewell address or oration.

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"speeches can be valedictory."

"conferences can be valedictory."

"songs can be valedictory."

"gestures can be valedictory."

"addresses can be valedictory."

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