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Of uncertain, indefinite, or unclear character or meaning.
  1. 'They have only vague, dim ideas about feelings, the development and nurture of human emotions.'
  2. 'As he stared, the shimmer resolved into a vague outline of a man.'
  3. 'The gales howled, and for a moment, a vague shape began to materialize from the general direction of the gate.'
  4. 'I have a vague memory that it took about eight months for him to leave office after Black Wednesday.'
  5. 'Some of the great land-based empires soon became little more than vague memories.'
  6. 'I have a very vague recollection of being aware of a coach or something alongside the bus.'
  7. 'She was maybe 20 and had vague hopes, somewhere down the line, of becoming an actor.'
  8. 'There is certainly a need for change, but these plans at present are vague, confusing and uncertain.'
  9. 'Nearly all the remaining complaints were trivial, baseless or impossibly vague.'
  10. 'Even so the allegations were so vague they would have been impossible to defend.'
  11. 'he had been very vague about his activities'
  12. 'When it came to direct actions, the group discussions became purposely vague.'
  13. 'He remained vague over the issue of privatisation which occupied the national press last week.'
  14. 'She was a bit vague on the legal specifics.'
  15. 'Sorry to be a bit vague but I don't want to mention the domain in question.'
  16. 'They remain rather vague about how they will achieve these aspirations.'
  17. 'Finn was still a bit vague on the subject.'
  18. 'An FBI statement was vague about specific details, but made it clear that threats had been made.'
  19. 'The Spectator editor, as is his custom, seemed a little vague as he accosted the former party leader.'
  20. 'I didn't mean to be purposefully vague about the details of what happened to me.'
  21. 'He has been criticised for being wilfully vague about those policy plans during the campaign.'


1. not clearly or explicitly stated or expressed: vague promises.

2. indefinite or indistinct in nature or character, as ideas or feelings: a vague premonition of disaster.

3. not clear or distinct to the sight or any other sense; perceptible or recognizable only in an indefinite way: vague shapes in the dark; vague murmurs behind a door.

4. not definitely established, determined, confirmed, or known; uncertain: a vague rumor; The date of his birth is vag

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"constitutions can be vague on things."

"people can be vague on things."

"organizations can be vague on reasons."

"treaties can be vague about extents."

"talks can be vague with philosophies."

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Mid 16th century: from French, or from Latin vagus ‘wandering, uncertain’.